Monday, August 1, 2011

Swede 13 Inspirations Giveaway WINNER

We have a WINNER!  YOU (the LUCKY number) will get to HAVE this gorgeous picture frame.

Here we GO!!!! Drumroll...

 And the LUCKY number is...18!!  (Sorry, couldn't figure out how to post the actual winning number)

Natalie @ Blonde At Heart is the winner!! SO happy for you Natalie!!  And thank you SO much for entering.  SO happy to have you on Sweet Little Gals.  Please send me your address and we will get your frame in the mail ASAP!

 A HUGE thank you goes to Swede13 Inspirations for being SO great to work with.  I really enjoyed being part of a giveaway from such a gorgeous shop!!  Swede13 Inspirations, this is NOT the last time you will see ME!  :)

And a big thank you to ALL of you who entered the giveaway.  I love hosting giveaways as long as you all  keep coming back for more!!  Can't think of anything more fun than GIVING something away for FREE!

Natalie, ENJOY your frame!

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Scuba Wife Life said...

Thank you! I love it and I am super excited!! :)

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