Sunday, May 29, 2011

Vintage Photo WINNER

We have a WINNER!!!!  I selected the winner via Random Number Generator 
and the lucky winner of this GORGEOUS vintage photo is... 

Jessica @  CONGRATULATIONS Jessica!!  
I will contact you and get your info so we can send you your prize!
So happy for you.  Thank you SO much for entering the giveaway. 
And thanks to ALL of you for entering.  :)

Thursday, May 26, 2011

Fun-day Friday

I love it that Bec is so kind to give us this link up opportunity EVERY single week!  My goal is to join FUN-DAY Friday each week, but somehow it seems like my fun never gets written into a post, even though we have fun all week! So this week I decided to get my post written NO MATTER WHAT!  And so here's the fun we've been having in our little world this week...

1).  Wow, what a crazy week!!  And extremely exciting for my blog too.  Suite Dreems was changed over to Sweet Little Gals, along with the addition of a new layout.  Now all  I need to to do is decide how much professional help I need to complete the project! 

2).  Sweet Little Gals hit a whopping 101 followers this week!!  SO SO SO exciting for me!  I know it shouldn't matter that much, but it DOES.  Having followers is my way of knowing that I am actually communicating with other people, which is WHY I blog in the first place.  So thank you SO much followers for being such great bloggy friends to me.  I appreciate each and every one of you.  

3).  Last week and during the start of this week my mom was here.  We had SO much fun together and she thoroughly enjoyed being with the babies since she doesn't get to see them as often as she'd like!  I enjoyed being able to get some stuff done too, since I had a built in babysitter for the week!!  The only time it was sad is when she had to leave (of COURSE).  We did fine all of the way until we were walking back to the house after we'd waved goodbye to her.  Then Ally started crying (she's beginning to understand what it really means when Grandma leaves), and I couldn't hold myself together anymore!!  So we hugged and bawled for awhile. It was so sad seeing my little Ally cry her eyes out.  (Though it was still absolutely worth the cry being able to have her here.)  Whitney is still not quite recovered...she pretty much wants to be held ALL OF THE TIME!!  {grin} But that's what grandmas are for right?

Ally was kind of acting up the morning Grandma Judy left...I think she was anticipating the goodbye and wasn't sure how to deal with it!  So of course she wouldn't cooperate for pics, but here are the ones I got of them anyway!!  Still precious memories of her time here!

Yeah, well, we TRIED!!  

4).  You would not believe what THIS girl has been doing this week.  SO going along with the theme of "fun"!!  Just five months old now, she is sitting up by herself for REALLY long periods of time now, even going from "sideways sitting" as I call it,  to REAL sitting up (REALLY big deal for a five month old);  scooting backwards, sits on all fours most of the time, and is just about crawling!!!  If she could figure out how to get one hand or leg in front of the other she'd be GONE!!  I am thinking the house needs "extra" baby proofed now.  Oh my, what kind of a girl do I have on my hands this time around!  Look at that proud look on her face....

5).  And who couldn't be happy seeing THESE sweet little faces...I know they make MY day EVERY single time I see 'em

6).  I have LOTS of FUN things planned for next week including this ladder project.  Stay tuned to see what I'm gonna do with this baby...

Yes, of course it's inspired by Bec, she's got me going crazy over these ladder projects with her Ladder Laundry Rack!  I actually ordered some ladders in the mail (yeah, I know, only I would order something like a ladder in the mail) and you would have paid to see the look on my hubby's face when he saw the HUGE package sitting there on the porch.  I didn't even offer an explanation.  LOL 

7).  Also be sure to check out my Pinterest FUN this week.  I spend SO much time on there.  Time I should be blogging (cough cough), but I DO find inspiration for my projects while I'm wasting time!! 

8).  Also, the fun is almost over for the vintage photo Giveaway with Molly's Muses.  If you haven't already joined the fun, PLEASE do!!

9).  Did you see my Super EASY placemats?  I just love 'em, and there's SO much you can do with them.  I will be showing you MORE things you can do with them soon...:)

Enjoy the Friday fun and have a lovely weekend my friends!!

Wednesday, May 25, 2011

All Things Pinterest

In the last couple of weeks I was introduced to a site called Pinterest, which I am SO LOVING!!!  I've been waiting to find something like this for a long time.  It makes it so much easier to remember fun projects that I run into, and that way I don't have such a long list of bookmarks on my computer!!  Plus, pinterest even shows pictures of stuff, which I LOVE!!

If you haven't heard of Pinterest yet, go check my boards out right HERE!!  I haven't had so much fun in a long while!  {grin}

So today, I am sharing a few things on MY Pinterest that I am loving...come join me for the tour!  And yes, you will notice my pinterest boards are leaning towards being FULL of just turquoise and red stuff...that's my favorite color combo lately and I'm not sure I will EVER get over it!

I ran into these gorgeous laundry rooms I can't even say how much I love!!  What I wouldn't do to have one of these babies...

This kitchen is to DIE for!!

And wouldn't ANYONE love to climb stairs like these 
IN STYLE every day

Someday I am going to have these organizing spaces in my house...

 These chairs are spray painted if you can believe that!!

My bathroom would LOVE one of these...

And ANYWHERE in my house would LOVE one of these

I would get married all over again just to have some cakes like these...
(to the same guy OF COURSE!!)

...ESPECIALLY this one

I am loving this picture...

which reminds me of THIS picture
that I am giving can enter the giveaway

Can anything be more adorable than these pictures?


What are YOU loving this Wednesday?  You can see what more people 
are loving at This Kind of Love
with Jaime
Have a blessed Wednesday!!

Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Touch up Tuesday

I just happened upon Touch up Tuesday at Paper Heart Camera and thought I'd join in!!  I love to touch up pictures in my new photo editing program Lightroom so this post is right up my alley!  (I'm posting about MY Ally too...LOLOL!!  I know, totally stupid, but you know...)  So here is my touch up!!

Here is the original...

And here is the touch up...I brightened up the exposure a bit, added a bit of clarity,
and then some highlights.  I like how it turned out

And then I did a funky one just because 
that's what I'm like!!  

Isn't she beautiful?

If you want to see more touch ups, you can find them here at

Touch Up Tuesday's at the Paper Mama

Monday, May 23, 2011

Super EASY placemats

I'm so excited to be back in the bloggy world!  It seems like forever since I was able to sit down and post.  And today I have an EXCITING and super EASY project to share.  You will be especially excited if you are getting ready to plan a party and are looking for cheap ways to decorate!  So here's the fun...
EASY and beautiful placemats.  All you need is the following...

Self adhesive Laminating paper

And pretty scrapbook paper, WHATEVER kind you want, or whatever goes with your party theme!!
I love black and white so that's what I decided to go with for this tutorial.

Wait till you hear THIS!!!  All you have to do is "stick" the adhesive paper to the pretty paper...I used four sheets of laminating paper for the large scrapbook paper that I used.  The laminating sheets will overlap.  Trim the edges (if you have any) and there you have it!!  Is that EASY or what?  Four beautiful placemats to use for your party!!

Do you like these as well as I do?
To get in on some MORE fun, be sure to enter the vintage photo giveaway HERE!!

New Name and domain

I am SO excited!!  Suite Dreems has been changed to Sweet Little Gals with the new domain name which means that now I have my own website!!  Now this little bloggy space is OWNED by ME!!!  There's going to be A LOT of fun stuff going on here in the next few weeks, so stay tuned.  Suite Dreems will be getting a makeover!  Please be patient as it may take a few weeks to get everything in order. 

I have been MIA lately as my mom was able to come here for a visit!  It was SO much fun watching her enjoy the babies.  I think they all had a blast enjoying each other's company.  The visit ended in tears OF COURSE as mom had to leave, but we all assured each other that we will see each other SOON in MT.  (That's where she lives, and where I grew up, my lovely beautiful home!)  Now we're just trying to figure out how we got by without her before she came!  lol  So much to do with all of these whining babies!  Luckily I got a moment to sit down and write while these babies are sleeping.  :)  Better hurry and get something done before they wake up!

Oh and make sure to enter our vintage giveaway HERE!! 

Thursday, May 19, 2011

Vintage Photo Giveaway

Does anyone remember this picture from a few weeks ago?  If you do, 
you are in for an AWESOME chance of a lifetime!!  And guess what?  Even if
you DON'T remember it, you are STILL in for a chance of a lifetime!  {grin}

My new bloggy friend, Molly, from Mollys Muses has 
GENEROUSLY offered to host a giveaway 
right here on my blog!!  (Molly, just so you know,
your name has always been one of my VERY favorite names EVER!!)

Whoever wins this giveaway gets a FREE copy of
this striking photo I just showed you!!  WOW!!
Can you believe it?  Lucky bloggy friends you are!

Just so you know, Molly has a shop on Etsy where she sells her
gorgeous photos.  You can shop at Molly's Muses Fine Art Photography 
to find more of her photos.
  Here are some of the others she sells 

I just LOVE this one!

And just look at how vintage and cool this one is!!  
My two favorite colors...{smile}
{Just a friendly reminder that ALL of Molly's photos are copyrighted}

I talked to Molly and this is what she wanted you all to know about her. 

"I have been a photographer for 15 years. I gave up commercial photography, 
weddings and portraits to pursue my art.  All of my artwork until 2 years ago was created in a wet darkroom with a medium format camera on black and white film, creating gelatin prints.  I received a grant from the state of Pennsylvania for a project called "Over 70 and Full of it"  I enjoy digital photography now, creating color images with a purpose for the color.  I am currently working on a book review of Art and Fear broken down into several parts, I highly recommend the book to anyone pursuing any type of creative life and they can come to my blog and catch up, we are only half way through. The car in the photo that you are giving away, A Ford Edsel very rare and limited, as they didn't make very many and they were considered LEMONS of the day,  Now they are prized :) "

Pretty cool huh? I always think it's SO much FUN getting to know new bloggy friends like Molly.

Now for the part you've been waiting's how you can enter this AWESOME giveaway. You can enter up to SIX times, isn't that awesome? Make sure to leave a separate comment for each task you complete. Please do the following:

1) Follow me, the hostess, here on SuiteDreems. Leave a comment saying you did! I will try to follow you back as soon as I can! Promise...

2) Follow Molly HERE and be sure to leave her some comment love for such an awesome giveaway opportunity!!

3) Follow me on twitter HERE and leave a comment saying you did!

4) Follow Molly on twitter HERE and leave a comment saying you did!

5) Follow Suite Dreems on FB HERE, and leave a comment on this blog saying you did.

6) Follow Molly on FB HERE and leave a comment on this blog saying you did!

Wow, talk about AWESOME! I hope you are as excited as I am!!

The giveaway will run for about a week, so be sure to tell your friends to come and get in on the fun!! Have a beautiful day my friends!!

Tuesday, May 10, 2011

What I'm Loving Wednesday

This is my second edition of What I'm Loving Wednesday, and I can't think of anything I'm loving more than zebra stripes this week!  Check out these hot ways to use stripes...

Just LOVE this Ally sized outfit from {HERE} at 

Zamakerr Clothing Comp. on Etsy

This cool zebra striped cupcake is HERE
at 12 Legs Curiosities on Etsy

Aren't these adorable shoes from {HERE} at
funselling on Esty (can you tell I'm into Etsy lately?)

And isn't this purse is just splendid!!

I just LOVED these zebra rooms so much I had to share them...

Of course this is my favorite

And I couldn't leave without sharing these pics {grin}

If you'd like to check out more What I'm Loving Wednesday posts
you can find them at This Kind of Love by Jamie
Hope you have a wonderful Wednesday!!

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