Sunday, July 31, 2011

Sweet Little Photo Swap #6

Yay for photo swap #6.  Wow!!!  I am SO excited about the response from last week's photo swap!  SO many of you linked up,  and I am one little happy camper! :)  I'm so excited with how much this little party is growing.  Thanks to ALL of you for joining each week and sharing your beautiful photos.  I don't know about you, but I sure love to browse through everyone's pics.

Here's a review of the rules if you are new to the party!
1)  Please write a SPECIFIC photo swap post
2)  Share 5-10 of your favorite photos from the week and share why you liked them.
3)  Link back to Sweet Little Photo Swap with a link or a button.
4)  It would be AWESOME if you would follow Sweet Little Gals
5)  Follow at least TWO other people on the photo swap list
6)  ENJOY!! ;)

You can grab this cute little button on my sidebar!!

Here's my favorite photos from the week.  (And yes, I KNOW there are a lot 
of them lately that are lakes, and barns and storm clouds and babies.)  
{grin}  But I love 'em and I hope you will too. 

Some  of these pictures I did some CRAZY editing to, just to have fun.  
(Like my turquoise clouds and the barn)  But I love bright colors and the 
fun stuff I can do with my Lightroom 3 editing program, so I thought I would 
show you a few of those too!

My FAVORITE color~I would LOVE it if clouds REALLY came in this color!

Yep, this is one of the wild ones!! 

So peaceful

My cutie girls

The water was SO perfectly still...just love this one!

Nope, the colors in this one are NOT edited!  Gorgeous sunset

LOVE the smile and coloring of this one!

Ally was eating green apples


I couldn't believe how perfectly she posed for me!

And just ONE more because this edit turned out SO cute...
My VERY favorite!
Alright, it's YOUR turn!  Make sure to follow the rules and have fun!  
Link up and enjoy your Sunday! 

(You can link up your photo swap posts all of the way
till Thursday this time!!) 

Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Pinteresting Windows

Happy Wednesday!!  This week I have been window shoppin' AND window lovin' as I've been searching through blogland and pinterest.  I just can't get enough of all of the old window crafts that creative people are making.  Have YOU seen any of these window projects around lately? 


Decorative wreath with a window

Multi-purpose window

Window coat rack

Picture display
Lovely decorative window

LOVE this table

Isn't this adorable?

Like the colors of this one!
Spectacular use for an old window!

When I went home to MT a few weeks ago
I just happened upon a pile of old windows and now 
I'm working on my own redo of one of them!

~Window Project COMING SOON~

You can find all of the links to these windows on my Pinterest
boards.  Linking up with Michelle @ The Vintage Apple

Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Vintage Magnets

  Awhile ago I made these adorable little alphabet magnets inspired 
by my BFF Bec at Little Lucy Lu.  (She is SO creative and awesome.
You really should go check out her blog sometime.)  

I never posted my finished product on Sweet Little Gals, so here you have it.  
Sweet little alphabet magnets, homemade.   

I love 'em so much I think I will eventually make about twenty sets of them!  {grin} 

And the fun thing is I thought of another way to make them
only with a vintage twist.  I'm so excited about it!!

Here's how I did it...

I used the same little wooden discs as I did for the alphabet magnets 
and painted them with Krylon spray paint, white and celery {green} 

(And I somehow missed taking pics of the painting process, oops!) 

Here's the cool little discs
Then I sanded and distressed the edges of the painted discs 
to look like this (SWEET huh?)

I used these two colors of distress ink
(Walnut on the white discs, both colors on the green discs for a different look)

Then here's the part where I did things a little differently...

I took my newest issue of Flea Market style magazine
(I just LOVE this magazine)

You could use whatever magazine you want!!

And traced little random circles out of it (using the alpha stax sticker
as a pattern) to look like this

I cut out a whole bunch of them!
Aren't they CUTE?

Yeah, I cut out each and every one of those circles :)

Then I used Modpodge to put them on the painted discs

Added magnets on the backs of them with 
Gorilla glue

And here you have it, cute little vintage magnets!!

 Now I just can't WAIT to put them on my fridge!

Sunday, July 24, 2011

FUN fun fun

Yes, I know, I am SO late with getting in on Share the Fun week was pretty crazy so I haven't really had a chance to sit down and write about fun, till now.  And this week I want to share a few FUN music videos I found while browsing.

First of all, with this first one you may have to be a musician OR a music teacher to really "get" it, but I am hoping ALL of you will get some fun out of it!

I first saw STOMP out LOUD when I was a student at college.  Our music club sponsored the event and we went to get our credits.  I remember how I felt when this concert first started, being a "country greenie" and all.  I was like what in the world, these guys are crazy!

But man, by the end I wanted to either take 'em home with me or join!  I can't even believe the talent these guys have.  Imagine living REAL life in rhythm like this.  Here you go...

And more rhythm fun from another of my favorite groups, River Dance!!

If THIS isn't fun I don't know what is!!  I would LOVE to be
part of an IMPROV group!

And FINALLY a GREAT big fun laugh for ya!!
When I first saw this I couldn't stop laughing!  

How's THAT for fun?  What fun stuff have YOU
been doing this weekend?

For a TON of fun join the Sweet Little Photo Swap
I have going on right here!!

Saturday, July 23, 2011

Sweet Little Photo Swap #5

Welcome back to the Sweet Little Photo Swap #5!!  I hope all of you have had a GREAT week.

For us here it was one of those weeks just because the girls were re-adjusting to being back from vacation.  So they whined and screamed and wanted held almost all day!!  If you have babies you know what I'm talking about! Then they got sick on top of that and let's just say I am looking forward to starting a NEW week.  :)

I hope a lot of you will join the photo swap party this week and please invite your friends too. Remember to follow the rules and most of all to HAVE fun!!   If you haven't been with us before here is a review of the rules.

Each week at Sweet Little Photo Swap write a SPECIFIC post for that week featuring your  favorite photos of the week.  You can use from 5-10 photos.  Provide an explanation of why you liked the photos and then link up to the party!!  Then follow the person AHEAD of you on the list and BEHIND you on the list.  That way we will each get at least two more followers each week from the party.  And PLEASE link back to Sweet Little Gals. Just grab the cute little photo swap button on my sidebar and include it in your post.  I'd appreciate it so much. 

Here are some of my pictures I took this week.  Because of all of the heat and humidity we had this week there were a ton of scary storms that made their way through.  This first picture is one of those storms that ended up being REALLY devastating to some neighboring farms.  I am so glad to have "normal" weather back again at least for awhile...

Picture of a storm that ended up destroying 5 farms

Love these roses

Dancing on the road

The grain bins by our house

I like taking pics of our old barn

My sweetie

What have YOU been photographing this week?

(Note: Just wanted to remind you that this party
lasts for a few days so if you don't have time to
enter right away you still have till Monday evening to
take your pics and write your post!!)

Thursday, July 21, 2011

The Simple Things

I am joining a new linky for today called The Simple Things.  I love for life to be simple and free from complications.  And I am so thankful for a chance to share those things with you.  So here are some simple things in life I am thankful for today...

~I love my family.  My Husband and my two baby girls.  Nothing could be more enjoyable than being with them and appreciating them.  God gave me the best gift EVER when he gave me my family~

~I love nature, the outdoors, the beauty that surrounds me, the raindrops on my window, the sunshine, the flowers, animals that love us, and the fresh cool breeze (especially after the heat wave that just made its way through here)~

~I love my friends.  All of them.  And SO thankful for the new ones I am making here in blogland.~

~I love the kisses, soft sweet cheeks, laughter, gorgeous smiles, and the unconditional love of my girls.  They are always forgiving and sharing.  I think they are the most beautiful picture of God that anyone can have~

~I love hot meals, yummy sandwiches, watermelon, mac and cheese, and ice cream.  And I love that food can bring people from various backgrounds together and make them friends.  Don't know why or how it happens, but it does!~

~I love learning new things and am so happy that I can NEVER stop learning. ~

~I LOVE music. It is so refreshing and relaxing and rejuvenating.~

~I LOVE God.  He is always there.  I know He is.  And He is my BEST friend.~ 

Simple, yes, and BEAUTIFUL.  What are YOU enjoying today?

For more posts on simple things hop over to Jesslyn Amber

And take time to enjoy simple things today!  What would we be without them?

Wednesday, July 20, 2011

I am Loving Shoes

This week I pinned A LOT of shoes onto my pinterest boards.  In fact I pinned SO many I decided to just make a board dedicated to SHOES.  There's SO many fun ones out there.  Wait till you see! 

Shoes either make or break an outfit as far as I'm concerned.  I can't think of anything more fun than coming home from the store with a new pair!  Which reminds me, I am NEEDING some new ones now to spice up my outfits!  {grin}

I always love red/white/blue
Love the ties

Bright red is a compliment to any outfit

SO delicate

These are so unique

Even a vintagy pair


These would be GORGEOUS for a wedding we come Kansas!

Nothing like sparkles

Not sure if I could walk on these!

Nothing needs to be said...

SO pretty

I think these may be my favorite



ANY of these shoes are welcome in my closet

Linking up with The Vintage Apple
their Wednesday linky parties

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