Thursday, August 18, 2011

Thursday Beauty

Hey friends!  Just wanted to share some Thursday inspiration with all of you.  
You can find all of these fun pins right here


There's still time to enter the
Share your beautiful photos!  
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Brian + Cheryl B. said...

Hi Sara :-)
Decided that since I haven't visited you in awhile, I would do so during my 'lunch break'. I've been busy working on a wedding dress....

Your girls are so-o-o cute! I scanned back through all of the postings since the last time I had visited you. LOTS of cute pic's of them.

I have also noticed that you really have a thing for the color turquoise blue.

About the tea parties. I have hosted a couple of adult tea parties for some of my friends. Each had a different theme and guests were encouraged to dress up and play along.

One party had a child hood theme. There were favorite teddy bears/stuffed animals from each of my four sons sitting around a small table with kid size chairs, all set for tea. The room was decked out in childhood type stuff. And we played a game of charades. All of the words had to do with childhood. From mommy, to babysitter, to sidewalk chalk, etc. Even the two 80 year old mother-in-laws whom accompanied one of my friends, were giggling and having a grand ole time!

Another party had a 'royal' theme. Royal purples, and golds, and lace, and fancy stuff. And most all of the attendee's wore formal type gowns (LOVE mission stores!). And there was even a ceramic frog wearing a crown that just needed kissed to become a prince. ;-p For our 'game', we watched snippets of 'The Princess Diary's #1' movie, and then practiced doing things the way a princess is suppose to... became very comical with our group!

I'm glad I stopped by today, you gave me lots of smiles!

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