Thursday, November 29, 2012

Sweet Christmas Trees

There's nothing sweeter to me than Christmas trees at Christmas time

Having a Christmas tree is my absolute FAVORITE part of the holiday season. 

I also love little Christmas trees in all shapes and forms.  There are SO many of them around bloggy land right now.  
So I decided to make my very own version.

{I may as well admit it now, I am HORRIBLE at making tutorial pictures...usually when I have time to do the project, it's only for a quick minute and I don't like to waste time taking pics of all of the steps.  So I am sorry for a lack of pics in that area...some of you moms out there may understand!}

All I did was used styrofoam trees, some turquoise, gray, and black rope, pretty sparkly diamond garland, and a few cute little pushpins to make my trees.  (All materials were ordered on Amazon)

I glued the top of the rope on the trees then wound it around the tree till I got to the bottom and then glued it again.  That was quite simple.  I added the garland the same way. 

And the pins are just pushed right into the foam all over to look like decorations.  (My Ally thought of that one,  I was SO stinkin' proud of her!) 

And here they are, lookin' all pretty for the holidays.

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Sweet Little Stocking {Advent Calender}

Are you all ready for the Christmas countdown?  I can't believe its almost here.

My girls are ready...Ally keeps asking me if tomorrow is the day she gets to start finding her surprises.  Yay!!  Only two days now!

I'm so excited about our advent calender this year.  It's was SO super easy to make and simply adorable I think!

Last year we had a really fun ladder advent with buckets that I didn't think could be matched, but this one turned out pretty fun too.

All I did was add stockings to the ladder instead of the buckets.  I got the set of homemade stockings from here.  I love them and think there will be a lot of uses for them throughout the years.

I used twine and small clothespins to fasten the stockings to the ladder.  It was super easy!

And then I added a variety of fun treats and goodies inside for the girls to have fun with.

Here's some {overload again!} pictures I took of it.  Happy December!

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Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Family Rules Printable {Giveaway}

 I am SO super excited about this giveaway sponsored by Signs by Andrea.  I love printables anyway--since they come straight to my inbox {aka, NO shipping cost} and I simply don't have to wait to have fun with them.

Andrea has lots of fun customizable signs on her site to choose from including wedding signs, monogram signs, and fun seasonal signs.   I love them all.  Definitely will be ordering many of them in the future for my own house and for gifts for my friends and family!!  

This printable is one that I got to custom make and receive FOR very own Family Rules Sign!

It was SO easy to make, with my very own custom options...I got to choose the color, font, AND the rules, whichever ones I wanted...and this is how it turned out!

And the amazing thing is that ONE of YOU will get to do the same thing as I did!!  The winner of this giveaway will get one free family rules printable {$9 value} for their very own.  And you get to customize it just like you want it!

Just go to Custom Family Rules Artwork Builder to build your very own family rules printable.  Comment here telling which is your favorite design.

And then enter the giveaway with these options below.  Good luck!

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{This is my very first time using rafflecopter...
cross my fingers that everything works ok!}

Monday, November 19, 2012

{Country} Engagement Shoot

What could be cuter than a country couple in love?
What do ya'll think?

{Warning:  Complete Photo Overload} 

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