Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Soap Felting

My new hobby...felting soap!

just a little wool roving, bars of soap, 

and wet, gooey hands and 
you have a beautiful bar of soap

with a washcloth besides!!


Wait till you see these...

Who said ND isn't beautiful?


Yes, it's been FOREVER since I have posted on much to do, so much to get ready!!  

And since way back then we have had another ultrasound and found out that baby is a.....

GIRL!!!!!!!!!!!!  We are so excited, especially since the ultrasound said that baby looks quite healthy

 too...;)  Bring on the pink...AND the baby!!!  I am SO ready to be done with the pregnancy, but NOT ready

with everything else!!! *wink*  Will I ever think I am all ready?  lol


This is the Yummy bread Ally and I made the other day...

Mmmmmm, homemade bread is scrumptious!!! ;)

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