Monday, April 21, 2014

I'm Back!!

Yep, I'm back now, but not quite ready to post again.  I lost my web address and was really pretty upset about it.  I FINALLY decided I couldn't get it back, so I decided to change it up a bit.  So now, my blog is called Sweet Little Gals as it's always been, BUT....the address is 

Not too bad, except for the fact that now every link people click on in my blog goes straight to a very spammy looking site.  If any of you know of a QUICK way to fix all of that (I'm sure there's not one) PLEASE let me know!

I went through all of my projects I have pinned and changed them to this site, but a lot of stuff is still pointing to this other site.  The one that took over my site.  Ugh.  Yes, I lost it because I didn't understand how to renew it, and thought I had renewed automatically, but then it hadn't and it was too late to get it back.  Lesson learned, I think, but still am not that great at technical things. 

I shine more in the creative side than the techy side. 

I am so behind in the blogging world, I need to catch up again.  Anything I need to know? 

I am SO behind that I actually don't even know what's "cool" these days! 

And I am babbling to most likely no one, since my traffic is directed to another site now....but hopefully someone is still checking in?

Let me know if you see this and if you have any super advice for me, k?

Wednesday, July 3, 2013

Blog Lovin'

Has anyone heard that Google Reader is going away soon?  I've heard that blog lovin' is taking its place and don't want to be behind in bloggy world.  So just wanted you all to have a chance to follow me here. 

Follow my blog with Bloglovin

I would love to follow you back if you tell me the name of your blog. 

Also, this summer has been crazy busy.  I decided to retire my Trendy Tuesday party just for a little bit until I get my head above water again.

Hope I haven't lost you and lots of you will return when the party comes back!

Hope you are all having a great summer!

Monday, May 27, 2013

Trendy Tuesday #38

Welcome back to Trendy Tuesday!!  SO happy to have you here as always.

I'm still on the challenge this week...I wrote a letter to all of YOU today!!  It's been a lot of fun digging deep and writing about all of the different topics each week.  I'm so glad I joined.

Loved this DIY Dahlia Flower Decor from The Happy Scraps this week.  She did such an awesome job!!

Ok, time to party!!  Can't wait to see what you all have been up to this week!!
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Day 27 {A Letter To My Readers}

Dear Bloggy Readers,

Just wanted to say how thankful I am to be writing this to YOU!!  You are what makes this blog real.  If I didn't have anyone to read it, how fun would that be?  I have met so many fun people because of being here in this little bloggy world! 

It's a whole different place to be, that's for sure.  A whole different culture.  Sometimes I think I belong, sometimes I think I am not worthy or cool enough to belong.

But here I am, with my own little "space" to call my own, to do with whatever I want to.  To be creative and inspiring.  To share a little bit of my life with all of you.  My tiny little life sometimes too insignificant to share with anyone else.  But it's fun, and I love it.

Thank you for being here faithfully to share yourselves with me.  Thank you for each comment that has shown up here.  Thank you for caring when things are not going well.  Thank you for cheering me on when I need encouragement.  Thank you for laughing and enjoying life with me.

You are what makes this blog worth the time and effort. 

With lots of Love,


Sunday, May 26, 2013

Day 26 {Something That I Read Online}

This is one of the coolest things I have ever read.  It's been going around FB so most of you have probably seen it, but if you haven't be sure to check it out!! 

99 Hacks to Make your Life Easier

You can only understand how cool they are when you read through them!

Happy Sunday and make sure to head on over to Story of My Life for the linkup!

Saturday, May 25, 2013

Day 25 {Something Someone Told Me That I Will Never Forget}

It wasn't that long ago, I had a conversation with my Dad and he said these words.  "You are a lot like your Grammy".  WOW!!

I couldn't believe my ears.  To you, those words sound like normal everyday words, but to me, they  were earth shattering.  And I felt so unworthy.

I am unworthy.  And I don't feel like I can claim such a statement.  My Dad was way too kind because he loves me since I am his little girl.  {grin} 

Because you see, my Grandma, who we called Grammy was the SWEETEST most unselfish person I have ever known.  Seriously.  She was a saint in every way. 

Grammy was always cheerful and helpful.  Every time we went to see her, I remember seeing her mopping the floor.  The smell was a strong scent of Pine Sol, one of the reasons I still love that smell. 

She cooked a lot and cleaned a lot and entertained a lot.  She was loved by everyone.  She always put everyone first.  I never saw unselfishness in anything she did.  She was an angel. 

That is not me.  I am so far from being there, even though I long to be like her.  I am so selfish sometimes, and I am not always cheerful and helpful.  I try to be but I fail all of the time. 

Grammy didn't.  At least that anyone ever saw.  She was the most wonderful person I have ever known.  I miss her more than words can say.

So Dad's words have put a new perspective in my life.  Though I know I am totally unworthy of them, I am inspired by them.  I want to be like Grammy now.  I will strive to be like her.  And if I can even hope to be even a tiny bit like her, I will try my best to live up to her reputation. 

Thanks Dad.  You were so nice to say so, but no one can really live up to being like Grammy.  Except for maybe you.  You, Dad, remind me a lot of her actually.

I am linking up at Story of my Life for Blog Every Day in May.  

Friday, May 24, 2013

Day 24 {My Three Worst Trates}

I've missed a few of the challenge days, but not this one.  This one is WAY too easy, I hate to admit.

In fact it's easy enough that I am going to have a hard time just choosing three.  Yeah, I'm one of those kinda melancholy people who has maybe a bit smaller self esteem than I should.  Or maybe it's an "I always feel like I have something to improve" attitude.

Whatever it is, this one is super easy for me.  ha

1.  Procrastinator

Yep, I am one of those people that puts things off all of the time.  I put off work, I put off calling people, I put off getting my hair cut, I put off going to the doctor and dentist, I put off writing blog posts, I put off everything that sounds overwhelming to me.  For some reason I think if I put it off, it might go away.  Funny thing is, sometimes it does and I get proud of myself for not having to deal with it. {grin}  It's harder to stop procrastinating than you might think.  I DO work at trying to improve, and I have gotten a little better through the years.  One of the ways I have improved is by making myself take care of the stuff I don't like to do first before I do the fun stuff.  Not super easy for a procrastinator like me. 

2.  Collector

I don't know if this is a trait or not, but for me I would consider it one.  I love to collect things.  I have countless BOXES of stuff I have saved through the years.  I have all of the letters I have ever gotten from my pen pals, all of the cards that my hubby and I have given to each other, and lots of gifts people have given me.  Every time someone gives something to me, I am scared to give it away for fear they might ask me if I still have it.  Problem is, people DO ask me.  They must know me well.  {grin}  I pretty much keep everything.  And I like to buy stuff, thinking I will use it someday.  SO, as you can tell, my tiny little house is pretty much stuffed full.  I am really trying to work on getting rid of things that I am not so fond of, and making sure that if I buy something I actually have a purpose for it. 

3.  Melancholy

For lack of a better word, I am just a little bit melancholy.  Not too much, but enough to be a bit of a problem for me.   I sometimes have low self esteem and am very sensitive.  I feel like I am deeper than most people most of the time.  This creates a problem with friends sometimes when I feel like they don't care about me as much as I do them.  I just naturally see people in need and reach out expecting the same from them.  I pretty much expect that people can read my mind and see what is really bothering me or how I really feel.  Logically, I understand I am deeper than a lot of people, but emotionally I still get hurt easier than I would like to.  I've been trying to let go more often and not take everything personally.   Easier said than done. 

Now, that was actually harder than I thought it would be, laying all of my weaknesses out there in the open for everyone to see.  Hopefully there are a lot of you out there who did the same so I don't feel like the only one.

I am linking up with Story of my Life for her Blog Every Day in May Challenge.

Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Day 22 {A Bloggy Pet Peeve of Mine}

Ok so here I go with one of my extreme pet peeves in Bloggy land. Have any of you run into this problem before?

One of my very biggest pet peeves is the fact that any blog on blogland has to reach a certain "coolness" standard before it is noticed AT ALL.  No matter what you do, be it spectacular or fantastic, if you are not in the bloggy "in crowd" it is not recognized as cool. 

Let me give you an example.  {I may or may not know this "certain person" I am speaking of}

In the past couple of years a certain person I know has done a few projects that she thought were pretty cool.  She pinned them and pretty much got NO repins or anything. She happened to be browsing through one of the "big" blogger's pinterest boards one day and saw her project pinned onto the big blogger's board.  The funny thing is, it had something like 30 re-pins!!  Another one had something like 79 re-pins. On her board, it had maybe 1 measly re-pin.

This happened to her quite often. 
Often enough to make her wonder about it.

Which brings me to my point.

How come a project has to be considered cool by a big blogger for anyone else to think it's cool?  I could understand if it depended on the what the project is, but when you work REALLY hard to make something cool, and YOU know it's as cool as another person's project but you get absolutely NO pins and NO comments, it can get a bit discouraging. 

I guess I am a bit different from most people.  If I think a project is beautiful, I love it no matter where it came from.  And I will pin it.  And I will comment.  I don't mind if someone's blog has 2 followers, if I see something I like on it, I will notice and acknowledge it. 

Am I the only one who has noticed this blogger phenomenon?  Or are there others out there who have encountered the bloggy caste system? {grin}

So there you go.  There is my rant for today!!  I can't wait to see your response.  Please let me know what you think. 

And make sure to stop by Story of my Life for her Blog Every Day in May Challenge

Monday, May 20, 2013

Trendy Tuesday #37

Welcome back to Trendy Tuesday!!  SO happy to have you here as always.

I'm still plugging through the Blog every day in May challenge.  I have to admit, I haven't made every single day, but I've been having fun and getting most of them in there.  How many of you like to write and participate in such challenges? 

Sometimes I forget that writing is actually a HUGE part of blogging.  It's really fun and writing is actually what gets me more in the mood to blog than anything. 

I loved the room makeovers that Simcoe Street linked up last week.  ADORE everything you do!!  Thank you so much for sharing your transformations. 

Ok, time to party!!  Can't wait to see what you all have been up to this week!!
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Sunday, May 19, 2013

Day 19 {Five of my Favorite Blogs}

This one is a super easy post because I adore SO many blogs I can't count them!  I actually get quite overwhelmed with them all and the content they carry because I can't ever imagine being able to do what they do.

It seems like every little thing they do even in their every day life is spectacular, and to me, that is a bit intimidating to say the least! 

I mean, how in the world do people have time to do spectacular picnics, parties, projects, and photography every day of their lives.  Totally flawless in fact.  I hardly have time to do the "normal" things that are required for daily living.

Well, I guess that's why I find them intriguing and worth "stalking". 

1.  Little Lucy Lu

One of my very favorite blog gals in the whole world is my bloggy BFF Bec from Little Lucy Lu.  She is my inspiration and I just adore everything about her!!  We became friends on blogfrog and have written and communicated ever since.  You see, we have SO much in common it's almost hilarious!  Bec is one of those people I just know I HAVE to meet someday in person.  We would be best friends, I just know it. 

2.  4 Little Men and Girly Twins

This is my "real life" bloggy friend Brittany from 4 Little Men and Girly Twins.  I adore everything about her.  She is SO creative and fun I could never keep up with her.  We share a lot of loves in common especially photography.  She has taught me a lot about photography so far and helped me purchase my first DSLR camera.  Brittany has 7 kids now and keeps quite busy as you can imagine!  She moved here about four years ago and I am so thankful to have her here.  I am always blog stalking her too....her posts are so creative and beautiful. 

3.  Story of My Life

No, I am not choosing this one just because we are on the challenge.  {grin} Jenni from Story of My Life blog is one of my new favorite blogs I read.  I love her writing style and how personable she is.  Her photography is amazing and I love her style!  I look forward to reading many more of her posts in the future.  I love this writing challenge she has given us too.  It's so fun to dig deep and write about things all of the way from serious to totally embarrassing!

4.  The 36th Avenue

Desiree' from 36th Avenue is one of the most talented individuals I have ever encountered.  I have never seen so many awesome ideas at once.  I can't believe how she keeps coming up with new projects and ideas to share!  She is one of the first blogs I check every single morning because she always has something new.  I love her house style SO much.  Maybe I can get her to come and decorate for me someday?  {grin}

5.  Project Alicia

LOVE LOVE LOVE Project Alicia!!  She is such an inspiration.  ADORE the simply beauty of her photography and just every single thing she does.  She is simply amazing!  If I could have it my way, I would just have this lady teach me everything she knows and I would be happy.  From her photography down to her gardening, I love it all.

Thank you so much to these ladies for being such an inspiration!  

I am linking up with Story of My Life for her blog every day in May challenge.

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