Sunday, July 31, 2011

Sweet Little Photo Swap #6

Yay for photo swap #6.  Wow!!!  I am SO excited about the response from last week's photo swap!  SO many of you linked up,  and I am one little happy camper! :)  I'm so excited with how much this little party is growing.  Thanks to ALL of you for joining each week and sharing your beautiful photos.  I don't know about you, but I sure love to browse through everyone's pics.

Here's a review of the rules if you are new to the party!
1)  Please write a SPECIFIC photo swap post
2)  Share 5-10 of your favorite photos from the week and share why you liked them.
3)  Link back to Sweet Little Photo Swap with a link or a button.
4)  It would be AWESOME if you would follow Sweet Little Gals
5)  Follow at least TWO other people on the photo swap list
6)  ENJOY!! ;)

You can grab this cute little button on my sidebar!!

Here's my favorite photos from the week.  (And yes, I KNOW there are a lot 
of them lately that are lakes, and barns and storm clouds and babies.)  
{grin}  But I love 'em and I hope you will too. 

Some  of these pictures I did some CRAZY editing to, just to have fun.  
(Like my turquoise clouds and the barn)  But I love bright colors and the 
fun stuff I can do with my Lightroom 3 editing program, so I thought I would 
show you a few of those too!

My FAVORITE color~I would LOVE it if clouds REALLY came in this color!

Yep, this is one of the wild ones!! 

So peaceful

My cutie girls

The water was SO perfectly still...just love this one!

Nope, the colors in this one are NOT edited!  Gorgeous sunset

LOVE the smile and coloring of this one!

Ally was eating green apples


I couldn't believe how perfectly she posed for me!

And just ONE more because this edit turned out SO cute...
My VERY favorite!
Alright, it's YOUR turn!  Make sure to follow the rules and have fun!  
Link up and enjoy your Sunday! 

(You can link up your photo swap posts all of the way
till Thursday this time!!) 


Holly said...

love your photos! I linked up my summer review post!

Bec@littlelucylu said...

Too many awesome photos to pick a favorite, Sara!!! Those are amazing!
That last one of Ally is ridiculously cute!!! :-)

Anonymous said...

What sweet photos! Thanks for the opportunity to post some pictures!

Love Sweet Love said...

Thank you so much for inviting me over, what an awesome little linky party! Your girls are SO adorable!!! I'm so envious of their beautiful blonde hair!

Unknown said...

I'm sorry I missed the linkup!

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