Wednesday, December 30, 2009

I'm not sure... this all works, but it looks fun, so I will just begin right here!! Wow, this could actually grab a significant chunk of my time eventually, but since I love being creative...rock on!!!!

Let's see, we just got back from a lovely trip around the world...{wink} just a Christmas vacation!! It was very fun but a whole TON of traveling...esp. for Ally...Poor thing is still sleeping to catch up!! :) Got to go to BEAUTIFUL Montana, and then on to KS, and back home...

Oh how I love the Christmas season....the lights, trees, presents, songs, events, people, shopping, etc, but somehow I am so excited for January...peace and quiet and time to catch up!!

So my dear blogging friends....see you after the new year!! Maybe I will get better at this by then!! *smile*

Jesus is the true Reason for the Season, and I am truly thankful for that!!

Well, here goes my first, aren't those first times just the scariest?................

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