Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Why I love my SWEET little Gals

There are WAY too many reasons I love my gals to write it down here, so I will keep this list to ten!

Here's ten reasons why I absolutely ADORE you Ally and Whitney.  You are the sweetest little things EVER!  I'm so thankful for you I could pop!

ALLY---here's why I love you!

1.  You are so have a never ending stream of ideas in your little head.
2.  You are so soft hearted.  You always think of others before yourself.
3.  You love to talk for hours and hours about everything and nothing!
4.  You love to learn.  You love books and everything about learning.
5.  You are always busy.  You are never bored with life.
6.  You love horses just like your mommy.  I love that.
7.  You have a special way with others like no one else.  Everyone loves you.
8.  You are such a girlie girl!!  You love princesses, dressing up, and HATE to get dirty.
9.  You watch over your little sis and love her to pieces.
10. You love God more than anything.  You are a sweet little 4 year old Christian.  That is the best thing about you.

Whitney--here's why I love you!

1.  You are crazy through and through!

2.  You are energetic and love to be on the go.
3.  You are sensitive and sweeter than pie.
4.  You adore your big sis and follow her around everywhere.  
5.  You love people and enjoy watching them and interacting with them.  
6.  You love to cuddle more than anything.
7.  You have the most hilarious sense of humor!
8.  You are the most darling combination of girlie and tomboy I have ever seen!
9.  You are strong willed but so gentle.
10. You are always full of smiles and if you get mad you get over it quickly.

Have you let your special people know how much they mean to you?  This is a GREAT time of the year to do it.  

Happy Valentine's Day!!

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