Wednesday, February 20, 2013

25 Fun Winter Activities for Kids

 Right now here in ND we are in the middle of the coldest part of the year.  It's been freezing outside for months now and below zero for weeks at a time.

Yep, not gonna lie, we are starting to go a little crazy!

I love to stay at home, but after awhile, I get sick of being stuck inside all of the time!

And my kids go even crazier than I do by this time of the year!  So...I came up with a list for you {and me} of fun activities that kids can do to make the cold long winter days seem shorter and more fun.

Hope this helps your kids make it through till spring finally comes!

1.  Play grocery store.  Round up either real or fake food, clothes, and anything fun that you can pretend to buy and sell.  Find some fun play money to use or use chocolate coins for fun.  

2.  Play doctor.  Use bandaides, toilet tissues, bottles, and blankets to create a clinic.  Let your kids take turns being the doctors and patients. 

3.  Make homemade play dough, slime, or fun glitter gak.

4.  Bake cookies and wrap some up to drop by the neighbors houses.

5.  Play school.  Learn the alphabet, new words, or read some new books.  Take turns being the teachers and students.  Make a chalkboard and pretend you are in school in the old days.

6.  Play library.  Have a contest to see how many books you can read.  Give a brand new book to the person who wins the contest.

7.  Play sherades.  Act out plays or Bible stories and use costumes to make it all seem very real. 

8.  Play camping.  Set up a tent in the living room.  Make a pretend campfire and use flashlights and tell stories.  Eat s'mores and sandwiches and go for "hikes" to find bears and moose.

9.  Have a hot chocolate party.  Make homemade hot chocolate and s'mores.  Invite friends to enjoy the fun.

10.  Create a personalized photo album for each child.  Gather together some fun pictures, paper, and other fun things.  Have them help create their very own memory book to remember good times.

11.  Create a giant Noah's ark in your living room or bedroom.  Take out all of the stuffed animals and pretend to have a rainstorm.  Let the kids use their imaginations.  Play Noah's Ark songs.

12.  Have a painting day.  Paint pictures or posters.  You could also paint personalized T-shirts with sponges.

13.  Have a United States party.  Find photos and fun facts about all of the states and make an album with a page about each state.  

14.  Have a music party.  Play everyone's favorite songs and sing them together.  Pick a word and see how many songs you can come up with that have that word in them.

15.  Have a people day.  Call friends and family and make sure the kids get to talk to all of them.  Tell the kids special facts about each person that they called and make sure to let each person know how special they are to you.

16.  Have a Mind your Manners party.  Make a dinner and have the kids practice their manners to each other as they eat their meal.  Watch a movie about manners.

17.  Play an old fashioned game of hide and seek. 

18.  Plan a gym day with your friends. 

19.  Take a day to go to your favorite restaurants.  Get your meal at one place, and your dessert at the next.  Enjoy talking about why people like certain foods more than others.

20.  Have a game day.  Take out all of your favorite games and play them.  Make sure to talk about being good sports and make sure everyone knows to have fun.

21.  Have a special kids day where they can do something that they want to do.  They get to choose the activity and you will do it with them.  Within reason of course.

22.   Have a photography party.  Go driving and take pictures of your day.  Go home and make an album to document your day.  Share with Daddy when he gets home.

23.  Go outside and make snowmen and snow angels!!  On a warm day of course!

24.  Have an exercise day.  See how many stretches and exercises you can do before you get tired!

25.  Learn how to make something clay animals, for instance.  Enjoy making mistakes and learning together.

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Unknown said...

I love these ideas!

We are up here in Canada and it is oh so cold right now! Thankfully we have a nice local library we have been visiting, and some great friends we have been hanging out with...but there are still those days I want to get the kids more active. Great idea about an exercise day :)

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