Friday, February 1, 2013

25 Fun Date Ideas for {You and Hubby}

It's February!!  And officially what I like to call "love month".  

And time to plan some exciting dates with your sweetheart.  If you are a mom like me these "dates" are few and far between, now that you've acquired a few little munchkins.

It's really important that you DO still find time to spend with hubby.  And it's fun once in awhile to just get away from the everyday chaos of life with kiddos.  Anyone else need a break sometimes?

{I am guilty as can be for not taking time to "date" my husband anymore.  I always feel bad for leaving the kids and the house. Not sure why, must be a "mom" thing.}  

But from my own experience, I feel that dating your hubby is good for your health, and your kids will survive without you for a few hours.

I came up with a list of some fun dates you can share with your husband this month, even if you don't have that much time to spare.

So here's my list, a challenge to me as well as to all of my readers.

1.  Breakfast in Bed.  Arrange to have breakfast in bed...share your favorite brekky in your own comfortable bed.  And make sure the kiddos are still between the sheets so you can whisper sweet nothings in each others ears.

2.  Go bowling.  Just the two of you.  And make sure you beat him.  LOL

3.  Go for a restaurant date.  But this time, get dinner first, then go get dessert afterwards at a different spot.

4.  Set up a game night with another couple you like to spend time with.  No kids allowed.

5.  Go do something active together.  Get sweaty together.  Doing whatever sweaty thing you enjoy most.  Together.

6.  Go to the zoo.  It's warm if you live in cold weather and there's a lot of fun creatures to laugh at and enjoy.

7.  Take a picnic lunch in your car together and just stop somewhere beautiful and eat it together.  Wherever you want to.

8.  Eat one entire cheesecake together.  Take as much time as you like.  And DO NOT look at the calories.  Look into each others eyes.

9.  Watch a fun daredevil movie {of skiing or mountain climbing} together.  Cuddle under your favorite blanket.

10.  Set a blanket out on your floor and read your favorite love story together.  Pretend you are free and dating again. 

11.  Go to a local ice cream shop and order 10 different kinds of ice cream to share.  Tell each other which kinds you like and how they remind you of each other.

12.  Stay at home and cook homemade pizza together.  All of the way from start to finish.  It will taste so much better when you sit down to eat.

13.  Watch your favorite movie together cuddling under the blankets and eating popcorn. 

14.  Attend a concert together.

15.  Go to a local skating rink and enjoy skating in each others arms.

16.  Set up a camping spot in your living room.  Sleep there for the night and have some good old fashioned "newly married" fun!

17.  Go shopping just to look and have fun!  Enjoy looking at things you would love to have together.

18.  Go laser tagging.  Enjoy shooting each other!

19.  Go volunteer at a soup kitchen together.  Enjoy giving to someone else while you are having fun with each other.

20.  Go look at the stars with a telescope.  Name a star after your love.

21.  Get out your favorite CDs and dance to them. 

22.  Plan a scavenger hunt through your house to tell your hubby how much you love him.  Leave clues everywhere and have the hunt end in your bedroom.  *wink*

23.  Go get your picture taken together. 

24.  Go skiing or rollerblading.

25.  Plan a random night where you take turns deciding the next place to go.  Let it be wild!

Hope your love month is one filled with excitement for you and your spouse.  

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Anonymous said...

Good ideas! Thanks for sharing! I'm trying to plan some fun things for the hubby and I to do when he returns from deployment.

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