Saturday, February 2, 2013

Why I Fell in Love with My Husband

I'm going to let you in on a little secret...shh.  I'm really afraid to say this because I will be held responsible for my words.

Oh goes!

I am going to TRY to write one blog post every day for the month of February.

Can't believe I just wrote that.

In case you haven't figured this out yet, I am HORRIBLE at being consistent on my blog, so I decided that for just ONE month, I would see if I could come up with some sort of inspiration for every day.

We'll see how that goes!  Not even sure if I can do it, but I am going to at least try.

Yesterday to start myself out, I wrote 25 Date Ideas for you and your hubby.  That post was pretty fun to write.

And today I want to write a post about my hubby, Dave.  And just why I fell in love with him.

Here he is.

Yep, way hot if you ask me!  At least I think so.  And here's my list of some reasons I absolutely fell head over heels for him.  And reasons I still do every day!

1.  He's hot.  I think we already established that one!
2.  He's absolutely hilarious!  I love his sense of humor.
3.  He has a REALLY short attention span when it comes to being angry.  He forgets he's mad and that is SO nice.
4.  He's a really hard worker.  And a great provider for our family!
5.  He is romantic even though he's as tough as guys get!
6.  He is a great spiritual leader in our family.  That one is really important to me.
7.  He tells me I'm beautiful at the most hilarious times...when I'm not, but my does that feel good!
8.  He gets along really well with my family.  And that means a lot to me.
9.  He has a huge heart and is always willing to help people out.  Even if it means sacrificing his own time.
10.  He is adventurous and enjoys exploring new possibilities.
11.  He still gets that mischievous look even though we've been married for awhile now.  And it usually sends me into heart flutters.
12.  He's absolutely in love with me and that makes him so attractive!

Why do YOU love YOUR hubby?  Have you thought of any reasons lately?  Sometimes it helps to write them down and share them.  Especially during "love month"!

I would love to hear!! 

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Jenn said...

He really is so handsome!

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