Sunday, July 3, 2011

Sweet Little Photo Swap

I always love Sundays and the fun they bring!!  And I am SO excited for the second Sweet Little Photo Swap!  I hope LOTS of you come and join in the fun today.  If you are new and don't know the party rules here's a review.

Each week at Sweet Little Photo Swap you will write a SPECIFIC post for that week featuring your  favorite photos of the week.  You can use from 5-10 photos.  Provide an explanation of why you liked the photos and then link up to the party!!  Then follow the person AHEAD of you on the list and BEHIND you on the list.  That way we will each get at least two more followers each week from the party.

It would be AWESOME if you would follow me as well since I will be hosting the party each week.  And please put the Sweet Little Photo Swap button somewhere on your blog so that it will link people back to here.

Note:  Just so you are aware, I will be deleting posts that don't follow the rules, so if your post suddenly disappears, you may need to go back and re-check the rules.  Thank you in advance for following them!

Now here's how I want your posts to look for the Sweet Little Photo Swap.  I will write a sample post (and will be every week) that will help you know how to write yours.

I just LOVE taking pictures, how about you?  Here's some of my favorites from the week. 

I couldn't even capture the true beauty of the sunset

I love the calm of this river scene

Whitney wasn't so sure about her first swing in the park.  At least I got a smile!

I love the colors in this one!

And the smile in this one!

Ally had so much fun on the slides!

We got to see a spectacular fireworks show!

I made this really fun DIY cooler this week!

(If you wanna make the cooler for tomorrow
here is the tutorial!)

Those are my fun pictures for the week!! 
I can't wait to see yours.  


Homegrown Tribe said...

you're quick! My photos are still on my camera. :) Love the pictures of Ally wearing sunglasses! Had a great time last night! Hope we see you before we head out of town...


Bec@littlelucylu said...

Love your pics, as always :-)
I'm jealous of your firework shot! I can never get my fireworks shots to turn out very well ... gonna give it another try tonight though!
Thanks for the party, Sara!
Hope you're having lots of fun this weekend!
~Bec :-)

~ Mona said...

Nice pictures. I couldn't help but smile.
Have a great 4th!
~ Mona : )
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