Sunday, July 10, 2011

Sweet Little Photo Swap #3

It's time for another Sweet Little Photo Swap!  Can't believe this is already the third one we've had!!  I've been having SO much fun looking through all of your pictures.  Thanks SO much for participating.  And I hope LOTS of you will join today.

Just a reminder of the rules.  Please write a specific photo swap post (which ALL of you did last time!  Thanks!)  and include 5-10 of your favorite photos of the week in it.  Let us know why they're your favorite and make sure to add the Sweet Little Photo Swap button to your post to link back to here.  (It's on my side bar)  [Remember, no questions asked, your post WILL be deleted if you are not following the rules.]  Then be sure to follow at least two people from the list. It would be great if you would follow Sweet Little Gals too. 

My photos this week are all from my trip to Montana.  We just got here on Friday and will be here for most of this week!  I am SO excited to be home!  Nothing more lovely than seeing all of my favorite places, and smelling my favorite smells!  Ahh!!

Aren't these gorgeous?

I always get excited to see the mountains again!

I've climbed this rock I don't know how many times before!

Old wagon wheel in my parent's yard

I just LOVE how this one turned out!  It's my most unique one :)

Clear cool beautiful MT water!

Now it's YOUR turn! What have you all been taking pictures of this week? 
I can't wait to see!


sami said...

Wow; I *adore* your photos! I'm absolutely going to join in next week... what a great idea! Can't wait! :)

(BTW - hi from BlogFrog! Totally following you now, too. ♡)

The Gerhardts said...

Sorry that Im late! Thanks for a great blog hop. It gives me the time to reflect on our previous week, and to look at all the pictures that Ive taken.

jamie w said...

love your pictures. i didn't take pictures this week to join :(

Lisa K said...

Love the pictures! Thank you for sharing! I found you through the Mel Dreams blog hop. I'm your newest follower.

Brynn @ said...

Great pictures! I love the on of the mountains, so pretty.

I'm a new follower from the Fancy Friday Hop! Would love it if you stopped by my blog and follow me :)

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