Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Thanks and Um, No Thanks :)

First of all, a great BIG thank you to all of you who participated in the very first Sweet Little Photo Swap!!  And really, for being the FIRST party I've ever had, it went rather well.  I was happy.  I would have loved it if MORE people would have entered, but I am thinking the party will grow with time.

Some of you were absolutely PERFECT and followed my rules exactly.  And to all of you, I really appreciate it.  Keep it up!!  I want each of YOU to come back every single week and join the party.  Which I am hoping you will do!!  Thank you SO much for your beautiful posts.  I just LOVED seeing your pictures and you helped to make the party EXACTLY what I envisioned it to be.  And because you all were so awesome I picked one picture from each of your posts that I want to feature.

Can anything get cuter than this?  Thanks BFF Bec for making a 
PERFECT photo swap post!  I just love ya!

Little Lucy Lu

 What a beautiful daughter you have, mommy at Faces with Freckles, 
and thanks SO much for the awesome post!  I'm excited 
to learn more about you!

Faces with Freckles

LOVE this picture at Lil Gerhardts of your
sweet baby boy! Such 
cute little chubby cheeks...what a doll!

Lil Gerhardts

Love seeing the pictures of your boys, Lesley!!  
Summer is SO much fun. And thanks for sharing your fun with us!  
Can't wait to get to know you better!

Brighton Brothers

Your daughter is SO cute, mommy at
A girl called James, I always enjoy seeing pictures
of your kids!  Hope you keep sharing with us each week!

A Girl Called James
Aren't all of these photos GORGEOUS!!  Photo Swaps are great fun aren't they?

Some of you sort of followed the rules, and entered a post with ONE picture, a small explanation by it, and MAYBE a link back to my site.  Just so you people know, I appreciate the effort, but next week I will be deleting the posts that don't follow rules.  I decided to let you off just ONCE, but next time, PLEASE write a post specifically FOR Sweep Little Photo Swap and link back to my page.  Don't just take one of your pre-written posts and try to make it seem like it fits the party.  I'm just not sure what is so difficult about posting only 5 pictures and putting small explanations by them.  :)

And sad to say, quite a few of you just linked straight to your sites, NO pictures, NO mention of a party, NO posts even about the photo swap.  With those posts, I just plain old deleted them.  Gone, gone gone.  Please don't enter those ones again!!  Whew!!  Done with that one.

And just a question for those of you that joined AND followed the rules...would you like to keep doing the party just as we did it with sharing favorite pictures from the week?  Or would you like to mix it up a little with certain types of pictures or different themes for each week.  I would LOVE your input and suggestions.

For this next week I will be doing everything EXACTLY the same.  Hopefully we will get more people to join in!!  So get out your cameras and start shooting!!  And invite your friends!  I am SO excited to see you again next week for Sweet Little Photo Swap!  Have a great week.


Bec@littlelucylu said...

I vote for keeping it the same way, Sara!
That leaves it very flexible for everyone and doesn't limit it to only pictures of certain things/themes/etc. I know for me, I is hard enough to TAKE the PICTURES -- I don't think I could handle having to take pictures with "rules" :)~
But that's just me!
Keep it up -- it will grow!!!
~Bec :-)

Anonymous said...

Tried to follow back but your GFC is gone..mine is gone too? It's been disappearing every night around 10 but I thought it was problems with javascript/wordpress...you're on blogger though so now I'm confused. It's pretty aggravating though. I've been trying to fix it for days with no luck!


Lesley said...

I vote for keeping it the same too. I liked it just the way it is!

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