Sunday, June 12, 2011

New Design

I am SO excited to introduce the NEW Sweet Little Gals website to you!!  I finally got my whole blog totally redone and I am so happy with it.  My AWESOME designer Krystal Winn from Sassy's Sanctuary was great to work with.  I really appreciate her patience with me as I am kinda picky sometimes and her understanding during those other times when I didn't know exactly what I wanted!  And she was kind enough to take my project on when she had already closed shop for the summer.  Thank you Krystal!

My new blog is thrilling me every time I look at it!  Most of the time, I'm like, is this REALLY MY blog, and then I remind myself that I got to help with choosing the design.  {grin}  Now my blog design is a reflection of who I am, LOTS of turquoise, a touch of red, black, and white, my very FAVORITE font, and some cute hearts.  Don't you LOVE it?  Krystal bases her designs on a digital scrapbook kit.  There are A LOT (it's even kind of FUN overwhelming) of designs to choose from.  It took me FOREVER to decide.  I'm one of those horribly indecisive people.  That's why I liked working with Krystal.  She helped me A LOT with deciding when I wasn't sure about something. (Like deciding between five or six designs that I wanted to mix together!)  Then she gave me two header designs (totally beautiful) right off that I could choose from.  I like choices so that was great for me.  Krystal is really creative as you can see, and I loved that about her!  Then all we had was all of the "little" stuff to get worked out.  But considering my pickyness, it really didn't take us that long to finish the whole design...probably about a week. 

One of my favorite things about having a new design is having some darling buttons that direct you to ALL of my pages.  (They are pretty cute don't you think?) AND a cool little sweet little gals blog button you can grab to put on your blog!  (I'm SO relieved to not have to worry about learning all of those html codes now!)  LOL Having someone design your blog is so stress relieving!!  Almost as relaxing as a spa treatment! (that is if you stress about how things look like I do!)

Isn't this button just the sweetest thing ever?

Now I feel like my blog is really truly professional and I like that.  Makes me feel like having a party over here sometime.  (which is yet ANOTHER thing I have been stressing about!)  Maybe I'll get to figuring out how to do that here in the near future.  And it also makes me feel like getting some of those projects done that are sitting out in my garage just WAITING to be finished so I can share them with you!! 

Oh and just a little advertising for Krystal, if any of you are wanting a GREAT blog designer, I'm sure she would love to work with you.  I think she is back to work in September, so make sure you get your blog design booked with her as soon as you can!

And now that I can say this...make sure before you leave to GRAB MY BUTTON (that feels so good to say!)  and share my blog with your friends.  Now I have some work to do. {grin} I have SO many posts to catch up on.  But thanks for stopping by and hope to see you around again soon!


Krystal said...

ahhh.... thanks for the shout out and all your kind words! I think it looks great too! I'm happy that you are happy!

Sara said...

Thanks for the great job! I really like it all finished. :)

Love Sweet Love said...

It looks awesome Sara! Maybe one of these days I'll have to go al "professional" and Krystal will be just the person I ask! ha ha! Great work to both of you!

Darian Wilk said...

Your blog looks great, love the new look!

~ Mona said...

I love it. It's super cute. Great button and I really like the sidebar headings.
I've been thinking of changing my blog... even going .com (kinda scared of that whole process).
Congrats on your beautiful blog!
~ Mona :)

Carrie said...

Looks beautiful! It is great having a blog that reflects your personality, isn't it? Congratulations!

Sara said...

Thanks everyone! Mona, you SHOULD!! I was scared too, but everything went well and I'm happy with it now. The .com thing is easy, it only costs $10!! Hope you have a wonderful day!

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