Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Sweet Little Photo Swap

I am SO SO SO excited!!!  I just got a new little button on my blog, and guess what it's called?  You guessed it...sweet little photo swap!  I'm going to be hosting my very OWN little linky party here, SOON.  Sunday to be exact.

Now I must warn you that I am NOT very genius at this whole linky party thing.  I may even FLOP the first party (or two), but if you are patient with me, I'll get it eventually.  {grin}

Here's my new little button courtesy of Krystal.

Isn't it delightful? :)

Sweet Little Photo Swap is going to be held here at Sweet Little Gals each week just for YOU!  That's right.  You are going to be linking up with your favorite photos from your week each SUNDAY.  Those entering the linky party will be doing a SPECIFIC post each week featuring your FIVE favorite photos from your week.

They can be photos of ANYTHING that you enjoyed during the week.  Each photo should have a small explanation by it, under it, or on top of it (you get the idea) so that we know why it is one of your favorite photos.  Then you can link it up and enjoy checking out other people's favorite photos from the week.

It would be REALLY nice if you included great photography tips you have in your post so others can glean useful info from you!  I know you have some great tips for us!

After you link up, you will be following the person BEFORE you, and AFTER you on the list so that we each get at least TWO more followers/week from the party.  Doesn't that sound fun?  I sure hope you think it is as fun as I do!!  I can't wait to see your photos!! And I hope this inspires you to get out your cameras and capture your FUN!

 So come over here to Sweet Little Gals on Sunday and link up your posts!!  And enjoy taking those photos.  I am SO excited to hostess this party and see what you have to show off!!

See you Sunday!!


Dirt On The Rocks said...

this is awesome i hope to be a part of it :)

Joeylee said...

great idea, cant wait to participate!

I nominated you for an award on my blog!

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