Thursday, June 23, 2011

Fun-day Friday

I am pretty sure that summer is my FAVORITE time of the year.  It is just so much FUN!!  There's really NOTHING like the warm sunny days and spending time by the lake.   I just LOVE everything about summer.  Here's some fun summer stuff I found this week that I thought you would enjoy seeing for Fun-day can find all of them on my Pinterest boards.

Remember how I talked about how we MIGHT be getting a camper in my post last Friday?  Well, guess what?  We did!  And as we speak Dave is headed down to Iowa to pick it up.  :)  I can't wait!  Not long from now we will be on our way to Montana to see my family, PLUS bringing along our FUN camper to enjoy. This will be us...truckin' down the road!  LOL

I am thinking that THIS decor may be a great way to make 
my new camper more stylin'!! What do YOU think?

I would LOVE to travel to this spot to spend a few days this summer...

Or I might like to be here...

I sure wish I had one of these beautiful porches to relax on...

I LOVE the way these tv trays were re-done...
So much fun for summer porch sittin'

And ANY of these kid's crafts would be 
SO FUN for summer

Homemade sidewalk chalk

Homemade marshmallows

What could be more fun than this personalized picture?  
I can't believe this lady made these herself...

And this has been and will be  one of
my mottos for life...I just LOVE it because it's 
SO true

I love these FUN little colorful tins
made this week

And I can't leave without sharing this 
DARLING and fun bag that I got this week
thanks to Bag Full of Posies (thanks Bec, for 
recommending her!)

And I'm linking up with Bec for her 
Fun-day Friday at Little Lucy Lu

Have a spectacularly FUN Friday!

And be SURE to come over on Sunday 
to join in on Sweet Little Photo Swap!!


madison avenue said...

i LOVE that picnic!!! so cute and colorful!

Bec@littlelucylu said...

Holy smokes, Sara! Awesome post!!! You outdid me, for sure!!! :)~
I linked to your post, too - since you more than deserve it!!!
Next week, gonna try again with a new name "Share the Fun Friday" - hoping that people will get the idea of SHARING OTHERS' ideas, rather than just featuring themselves.
I LOVE your planters, too! Those are ADORABLE! And YAY! So glad you got a bag! :-) (Did you tell Kellie I sent you -- maybe someday she will let little ol' ME do a giveaway for her!:)~
Can't wait for PHOTO SWAP! :-)

c.w.frosting said...

Great collection here! Love that chalk! Isn't pinterest the best invention?! Visiting from Mel Dreams Often.

-caroline @ c.w.frosting

Ann Jones said...

Great collection of pics! New follower from the fancy friday hop, have a great weekend!

ninalazina said...

Love the bright summer pics. Can't wait for summer - well for it just to stop raining in UK would be great! Summer is here , but it appears to be hiding! Nina

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