Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Turn OFF the Flash

Here is #3 post on How to Photograph Your Baby...and this one is entitled Turn off the Flash.  Ooooh...this one could be interesting!!

And really, it's just THAT simple.  YES, you did get a camera WITH an internal flash, and your heart is beating faster thinking of turning it off  (because, how in the WORLD can I get pictures to turn out ok without a flash?), but if you do, your pictures will turn out 200% better.  Yeah, I know, the 200% is MY addition to the post.  LOL

Now if you happen to have a point and shoot camera, you don't have settings where you can take most pictures without good lighting ...I know that!  But with the tips I am going to give you, you can still turn off your flash too, MOST of the time! Those of you who have a DSLR like I do can use the aperture priority or priority settings even when it you don't have ideal lighting by adjusting the ISO setting. (Another topic all together!)

And here's the tip.  Use NATURAL lighting instead of using your flash.  Go by a window, or a door, OR the garage, where the light is coming in, place your subject close to THAT lighting and shoot away!!  Remember, I am technically talking babies here, so if you can't get your grandma or your dog to go sit by window or the door, I'm sorry, I can't help you!! {grin}  You will be surprised at what lovely pictures you get just by using natural light.  (DO remember that sometimes you don't have access to natural lighting, such as in dark caves, and you will want to take pictures with your flash.  It is better to use the flash than to have no pictures at all.  But this is the exception NOT the rule.)

I had fun just TODAY using natural lighting instead of my flash and just look at the results...Course once again, I am NOT a professional, but you still get the idea!

With flash

WithOUT flash




 And here are some extras taken in just natural light

 You will notice how much softer the images appear withOUT the flash.  Makes a BIG difference doesn't it?  You really should try it.  You will LOVE how those beauties turn out, TRUST me. 

Oh and be sure to stay tuned for tip #4!!


Jaclyn | One Thousand Oaks said...

Such cute kids!

Bec@littlelucylu said...

Great job, Sara!
And I love your new background!!! Good job, girl!
AND. Thank you so VERY VERY much for putting my button on your beautiful blog!
You're the BEST!

Unknown said...

I turn off my flash 98% of the time. You are so right, the pictures usually come out so much better. Both Ally & Whitney are getting big and more adorable every day! :)

jetts31 said...

Very nice pics. I try to experiment with all sorts of different lighting besides the flash too. And your kids are completely adorable.

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