Friday, April 15, 2011

Snow WHAT??

A few days ago our yard looked like THIS

Yeah, this is the "waterfall" that's been hanging out in our back yard! lol

Yeah, I KNOW, DISGUSTING, wet, and gooey!!  But we were happy, cuz the yard was FINALLY going to be dry.  Right now we have been leaving all of our vehicles up at the shop which means we had to walk up there to go anywhere (yes, babies and all) because of the deep mud by our house.  It was almost dry enough to start driving down here again!!  Yipeee!!  

Oh and I forgot to mention that there are three yes THREE pumps going in our basement pumping the water out so we don't totally flood down there.  It's really been crazy.  SO imagine our surprise (and disgust) when we woke up this morning and saw THIS!!!!  Oh my, are you SERIOUS?

I'm not even sure how many inches there fact, I'm not sure I even wanna know!!  But all I know is we have to go through all of that melting AGAIN, and walk up to the shop, and pump out of the basement even longer than we thought we had to!!  Spring get here SOON!  

But I am proud of my sweet little family who made the best of this situation and made a FUN day out of it!!  Here they are making a snowman!!  Who ended up being a, ummmm, not sure if it even qualifies as a "creature". lol  I guess the snow wasn't moist enough for a REAL snowman!

Even Whitney had to get in on the fun!!  LOL 

Actually, Whitney and I only peeked out to take pictures!! ;)


Jill said...

I just heard on the radio we're in for some 'wet snowflakes' this Sunday. While I appreciate the beauty of freshly fallen snow (as in your pics), I am SICK OF WINTER! The past few days of nice-ish weather has me ready for jacket weather at least.

Good luck with keeping your basement dry!!

Bec@littlelucylu said...

Oh man! I guess I need to shut the heck up about the weather here then!? We have rain, rain, and more rain ... (I think we've had like TWO sunny days since umm- October?) - but since it's Oregon, it's just normal -so we don't typically have to deal with flooding or anything like that!
We did have snow up in the hills here last week though ... :(~
I'm thinking Hawaii sound good right about now ....

meganloves10 said...

I know just how that feels! It does look like you all made the most of the day. Beautiful pictures of your property and your gorgeous family. I hope it melts quickly!

Amanda Kay said...

stopping by from the sunday blog hop. Can't believe you have snow in april! Bummer but hope you get some sunshine soon!

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