Friday, April 15, 2011

Keep Shooting

Tip #2 from "How to Photograph your Baby" as I promised!!  ;)  KEEP SHOOTING!!  Shoot as many pictures as you can and want to without thinking.  Don't try to save on pictures, especially if you have a digital camera.  You can ALWAYS delete them later. :)

If you shoot lots of pictures, chances are that at least one of them will turn out the way you want.    I have found this tip to be especially useful with babies/kids.  Little ones don't usually wait or pose for the camera.  So you have to be ready to shoot when they do something CUTE which means you need to have your camera ready to go all of the time!  I have that WAY cool feature that shoots four photos in a row...continuous shooting mode.  SO when I hold down the button it shoots four FAST pictures in a row, and almost always I get one of those that turns out well!

Professionals shoot TONS Of pictures and don't even think about wasting film or cards.  That's just part of their job, to make sure that they get at least a few GREAT shots!  I have been having so much better results in my photo sessions now that I don't worry about taking just ONE great pic.  If I waited for that perfect moment it would never come.  If I just shoot pics all of the time, I am bound to come up with some cute pics eventually.

So here's what MY photo sessions look like now that I've been following this tip.


Looking down

Now the SILLY smile

Ok, I'll cooperate...

Kinda pretty

Now I wanna look at the zebra

I'm gonna be goofy now...

Nice, but not that PERFECT shot


Smile but it looks fake

Pretty from the side

Just plain CRAZY

I really do like this one

Not too bad, but then I came up with THESE...

I love 'em!!  Just because I persevered and just kept shooting, I ended up with some pretty nice shots.  Of course I have a lot to learn, but I have been having so much more fun not worrying about getting the perfect shot with one try!  It's working way better for me AND my girls.  You should try it too!!  Let me know how your sessions go, and make sure to KEEP SHOOTING!!!


momma bear said...

Great work, Sara! And that is a fantastic tip! You are right, children will not wait for you or pose. That is why I LOVE digital. Just keep shooting. You never know what you are going to get. And don't get rid of anything (aside the closed eyes, dog walking in front of the camera, etc) until you have had a chance to look at it later. Something that you think is trash, might end up a wall portriat after a little post production.

You might also consider using a remote when doing portraits. If the child does not see you behind the camera they may be a little more relaxed. You can get down on their level, closer to them and shoot w/o them even knowing it! It's a great trick!

I always love looking at your work. You are so creative & talent. Keep at it!

Praises from a Wife and Mommy! said...

Cute pics! I say BOO TO SNOW! I am sick of it!

Rachel said...

Hi! Love your pics. This is helpful, as my blog pics usually STINK! ;) Thanks for the tips!

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