Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Fun Cake Pops

We had SO much fun making these COOL cutesy cake pops today.  There's a lot we have to learn as they're definitely NOT perfecto, but they turned out pretty good for our first try!  Here's how we did 'em...

First I made a boxed yellow cake mix, cooked it, and then let it cool all of the way.  (I am assuming you can make any kind of cake you would like for your pops)  Then I used my hands to blend it all up like this...

Then I mixed up some cream cheese frosting with 1/4 cup of cream cheese
and 1 cup of powdered sugar to look like this...

Then I put the two mixtures together and rolled them into 
small balls, about 1 inch around

I put these little balls in the fridge overnight (the recipe says you only need a 
a few hours but I just didn't have time to do the rest so I kept 'em in 
for awhile!)

Then I got these things together to use for the next couple of steps
 Lollipop sticks     

Candy melts

If you haven't used candy melts before 
this is what they look like out of the package

You can see "someone" was stealing them from me the whole time ;)

The next thing we did was melt the candy melts in a nifty chocolate melter...
(I just happened to get this chocolate melter as a gift from my mother-in-law last Christmas, 
but if you don't have access to one, 
you can use the microwave or a double broiler to melt the chocolate...)

Next we put the refrigerated cake balls on the lollipop sticks (dip the stick in the chocolate before putting the balls onto it) and dipped them in the melted chocolate.  THIS is the hard part!!  I had to experiment for awhile to get the whole ball covered nicely with the chocolate.  
A spoon helps some with getting it close to the stick. 
Then we put some sprinkles on the top to make them pretty!!

 Here's the finished product!!  Aren't they darling?!! 

Ally sure enjoyed them...she kept asking for more!!

We even wrote her name on one with a cool decorating pen!

These were so much fun!!  I am looking forward to trying 
MANY more of them 
in the future...keep your eye out for more posts on them!  
And remember there is ONE more day for the 
Don't miss out!!


Bec@littlelucylu said...

Those are awesome, Sara!
I made some cake pops last year ... but haven't done it again since. I need to though - I know Lucy would love 'em! :-)
Hope you're having a happy day!!!

Sara said...

Yeah, they have a whole bunch of other cool ones that I would like to try!! Hope your days are happy too!! Thanks for stopping by!

Anonymous said...

Those are beautiful!!! Great job! I'm over from the Family in Faith Bloghop!

Rebecca @ My Girlish Whims said...

oh man, this sounds sooooo yummy right now. om nom nom.... :)

Thanks for linking up to Your Whims Wednesday!

Unknown said...

YUM! those look so good!! I love the colours! You just got yourself a new follower ;)

Janet said...

Hi Sara! These look so tasty! :)

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