Wednesday, May 8, 2013

Day 8 {A Piece of Advice}

My piece of advice to you is...

Take time to enjoy each stage of your life.  Don't try to rush and wish for the next phase.

Each stage in life has its pleasures and joys.  Take time to relish them and revel in them, because someday you will be wishing for that stage to return and it can't.

If you are a teenager, enjoy living with your parents.  ENJOY your life.  Enjoy the fact that you don't have to take all of the responsibilities by yourself.  Actually, you have NO responsibility right now.  You pretty much have THE LIFE.   Your parents wait on you hand and foot.  {And if you are laughing at me now, they do. You'll understand someday when YOU are the parent, waiting on your teenager.}  Enjoy the fact that you don't have to drive everywhere.  Enjoy the crazy times with your friends when you don't have to pay the bills.  Trust me, you will wish for these fun times of utter bliss even though you think they are absolute torture right now.

If you are in college, ENJOY it.  This is going to be one of the BEST times of your life.  All of your friends live right next door to you.  Everyone is helping you accomplish your goals.  You have every opportunity for success right there within your reach.  Your classes might be difficult, but you will wish you had a chance to take another class someday.  Trust me.  You will.  This is YOUR time in life.  And there's nothing quite as beautiful as college life.

If you are dating, ENJOY yourself.  Don't try to rush it and get married right away.  Enjoy the sweet talks, the nightly strolls in the park, the fun dates, your first kiss, your first love.  Your guy/gal is entirely focused on YOU and there will never be another time in life when you get to have that luxery.  

If you are newly married, ENJOY.  You don't have kids yet and you get to experience life together for the first time.  You get to enjoy that fact that you never have to be all alone again.  Everyone tells you how life "will be" someday.  How you are so "in love" and that doesn't last forever.  Don't believe them.  Love doesn't go away, it just changes as the years go by.  Don't have kids right away.  Revel in the fact that it's just the two of you.  You'll appreciate it someday when you are trying to kiss your spouse in privacy and there are little eyes looking from all corners of the room, watching your kiss.

If you are a mom or dad of some cute little babies, ENJOY them.   Enjoy your crazy, wild, no sleeping, baby crying, diaper changing, clothes washing, nose wiping life.  Your babies will grow up some day and you will wish you could go back in time and have just one more time to rock them to sleep.  Don't try to rush them into growing up.  Don't stress about the messy house.  Enjoy it.  Someday you will wish you had a baby to clean up after.  Trust me, you will.  

And now friends...this is where my advice has to stop.   This is where my life is right now, so I can't give advice on the rest of it just yet.  {grin}

I do have a feeling that since I have felt the same way about every stage SO FAR, I will probably feel the same way about each of the upcoming ones as well.  

Relax, enjoy and don't rush!  Life is right now, and there are so many things to enjoy about it.  Don't lose sight of them while you are busy looking to move to the next stage.  

You will thank yourself for it someday. Trust me.

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Allison said...

Visiting from the link up! This is such great advice. Sometimes it's a little easier said than done, but it's so important that we keep reminding ourselves to do this.

Anonymous said...

I think we are all in such a rush to move onto the next phases of our lives that we forget to enjoy the one we are in. Great advice!!!

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