Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Day 22 {A Bloggy Pet Peeve of Mine}

Ok so here I go with one of my extreme pet peeves in Bloggy land. Have any of you run into this problem before?

One of my very biggest pet peeves is the fact that any blog on blogland has to reach a certain "coolness" standard before it is noticed AT ALL.  No matter what you do, be it spectacular or fantastic, if you are not in the bloggy "in crowd" it is not recognized as cool. 

Let me give you an example.  {I may or may not know this "certain person" I am speaking of}

In the past couple of years a certain person I know has done a few projects that she thought were pretty cool.  She pinned them and pretty much got NO repins or anything. She happened to be browsing through one of the "big" blogger's pinterest boards one day and saw her project pinned onto the big blogger's board.  The funny thing is, it had something like 30 re-pins!!  Another one had something like 79 re-pins. On her board, it had maybe 1 measly re-pin.

This happened to her quite often. 
Often enough to make her wonder about it.

Which brings me to my point.

How come a project has to be considered cool by a big blogger for anyone else to think it's cool?  I could understand if it depended on the what the project is, but when you work REALLY hard to make something cool, and YOU know it's as cool as another person's project but you get absolutely NO pins and NO comments, it can get a bit discouraging. 

I guess I am a bit different from most people.  If I think a project is beautiful, I love it no matter where it came from.  And I will pin it.  And I will comment.  I don't mind if someone's blog has 2 followers, if I see something I like on it, I will notice and acknowledge it. 

Am I the only one who has noticed this blogger phenomenon?  Or are there others out there who have encountered the bloggy caste system? {grin}

So there you go.  There is my rant for today!!  I can't wait to see your response.  Please let me know what you think. 

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Unknown said...
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Megan said...

Large bloggers have large audiences meaning lots of opportunities for comments and pins. Pretty cool to have a big blogger pin her stuff and expose her to a bigger audience.

Allison said...

Wow, it's too bad that she didn't get the recognition that she deserved. I hope at least that her credit was still on the pin and that some people actually clicked through to the original source. I agree with you about this, and it's been happening since forever. Only the cool kids can make it cool.

Unknown said...

This is interesting and thanks for sharing. I haven't been around long enough to have this happen to me but I am very grateful when people check out what I've done. You should send me the info of your friend and I'll pin her stuff! :)

EllensCreativePassage said...

I too know what you are talking about! I guess it just boils down to who ya know! Me, I will just keep on plodding along (or blogging and creating along)!

Aleshea said...

I say screw em'. The whole lot of em'. But seriously I'm the lifestyle blogger over here doing my own thing and missing everything. That is also fine by me. But I do know what you mean and have seen it a few times. Shame shame shame!

Kei said...

Hmmm I think the number of repins depends on the number of people who are following a pinterest user in the first place. So of course someone from the bloggy 'it crowd' is going to have tonnes more followers (and therefore more people to repin)... It is totally discouraging though, as you said, to get zero notice for something that is good--and as good as another person's more popular project.

I have noticed that there is a bit of a bias with blogs--I've seen fantastic projects with no comments whatsoever, meanwhile a 'cool' blog has a hundred-odd complimentary comments on a project that is pretty mediocre.

Seems what you blog about has a big impact too--if you don't jump on the current bloggy bandwagon (yellow/grey, chevrons, ombre, seasonal stuff, using Annie Sloan chalk paint to paint and distress a lovely antique dresser...) you don't get so much attention either. Which is more a matter of the opinion of the masses, I guess, but a bit of a dampner on originality! I don't even click on samey projects anymore--they're not giving me the inspiration I'm looking for.

Nothing against the writers of popular blogs--I mean good for them for creating that success! But it would be nice if people focused on what was outside the 'cool zone' too.

Ranted and went off-tangent, sorry!

Kara @ Simplistically Sassy said...

I have noticed this and feel the same way. I've been in the same spot as your friend before too. It's totally frustrating ... but it seems like there isn't a way to change it.

JustForDaisy said...

Pinterest is definitely a tricky one. However, even those repins are directing to your friends blog IF it is all linked up correctly to her original work. So if people click through (whcih with pinterest doesn't always happen) that bigger blogger will be sending your friend viewers... but I agree... it's funny the things that are considered 'newsworthy' when said by a 'known blogger' where other smaller bloggers who have a voice that is just as significant don't seem to get the same response... I think just keep on keeping on. Blog as though noone's listening... blog from the heart... and then be glad when there is interaction, interest and genuine friendship through the connections your blog finds for you! :)
Happy Blogging! :)

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