Sunday, May 19, 2013

Day 19 {Five of my Favorite Blogs}

This one is a super easy post because I adore SO many blogs I can't count them!  I actually get quite overwhelmed with them all and the content they carry because I can't ever imagine being able to do what they do.

It seems like every little thing they do even in their every day life is spectacular, and to me, that is a bit intimidating to say the least! 

I mean, how in the world do people have time to do spectacular picnics, parties, projects, and photography every day of their lives.  Totally flawless in fact.  I hardly have time to do the "normal" things that are required for daily living.

Well, I guess that's why I find them intriguing and worth "stalking". 

1.  Little Lucy Lu

One of my very favorite blog gals in the whole world is my bloggy BFF Bec from Little Lucy Lu.  She is my inspiration and I just adore everything about her!!  We became friends on blogfrog and have written and communicated ever since.  You see, we have SO much in common it's almost hilarious!  Bec is one of those people I just know I HAVE to meet someday in person.  We would be best friends, I just know it. 

2.  4 Little Men and Girly Twins

This is my "real life" bloggy friend Brittany from 4 Little Men and Girly Twins.  I adore everything about her.  She is SO creative and fun I could never keep up with her.  We share a lot of loves in common especially photography.  She has taught me a lot about photography so far and helped me purchase my first DSLR camera.  Brittany has 7 kids now and keeps quite busy as you can imagine!  She moved here about four years ago and I am so thankful to have her here.  I am always blog stalking her too....her posts are so creative and beautiful. 

3.  Story of My Life

No, I am not choosing this one just because we are on the challenge.  {grin} Jenni from Story of My Life blog is one of my new favorite blogs I read.  I love her writing style and how personable she is.  Her photography is amazing and I love her style!  I look forward to reading many more of her posts in the future.  I love this writing challenge she has given us too.  It's so fun to dig deep and write about things all of the way from serious to totally embarrassing!

4.  The 36th Avenue

Desiree' from 36th Avenue is one of the most talented individuals I have ever encountered.  I have never seen so many awesome ideas at once.  I can't believe how she keeps coming up with new projects and ideas to share!  She is one of the first blogs I check every single morning because she always has something new.  I love her house style SO much.  Maybe I can get her to come and decorate for me someday?  {grin}

5.  Project Alicia

LOVE LOVE LOVE Project Alicia!!  She is such an inspiration.  ADORE the simply beauty of her photography and just every single thing she does.  She is simply amazing!  If I could have it my way, I would just have this lady teach me everything she knows and I would be happy.  From her photography down to her gardening, I love it all.

Thank you so much to these ladies for being such an inspiration!  

I am linking up with Story of My Life for her blog every day in May challenge.


Bec@littlelucylu said...

Mmmmmmwwwaaaaa! :-)
Great big KISSY for you!
You are far, far, FAR too nice - particularly considering I hardly can call myself a blogger these days! : )~
No matter how much I DON'T blog, I will always, ALWAYS be thankful that I met YOU via blogging.
And yes .... we absolutely MUST meet someday! (preferably sooner than later! : )~
Love you, girl! :-)

Shaylynn... a girl, a story, a blog said...

I have no idea who any of these gals are, sans Jenni, who I adore with my entire heart.

so i'm going to trust you with the other girls ;)

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