Monday, October 1, 2012

Wacky Whitney {I Love You}

For those of you who haven't met my Whitney, you are missing out!

She is absolutely the CUTEST baby in the world!

Yeah, I know, I am WAY biased, but I just can't help myself!  When Whitney entered the world, everything just got a whole lot crazier.  And lots of fun of course!

I love you Whitney!

You are

You are always on the go
You run and climb on everything
You scare me silly!

 You make us laugh every single day
You play that you are a bug and try to wink at us
You jump on the bed AND the couch
And play peekaboo

You always have a smile on your face
even when you get hurt it takes you seconds to 
get happy again

You cuddle, you lay your head on Mommy
You hug and kiss your sister Ally
You let Daddy rock you to sleep while he sings to you
You love stories...the same ones
OVER and over,
esp. the animal stories.

You give Mommy slobbery kisses 
and laugh about it.
You have a sweet soft voice
I will never tire of hearing it.
You have brought so much joy to 
us.  SO much.

You have darling soft cheeks
Cute fat thighs, a button nose,
tiny hands and beautiful blonde hair.
Your smile is the sweetest thing in the world.

You are shy of strangers
You look at them sideways and 
lean your head on Mommy's shoulder 
to hide.  But it doesn't take you long to 
warm up if someone tries hard enough
to make friends with you!
You are a mommy's girl.
Until Daddy gets on the four wheeler...
then you are a Daddy's girl all of the way!

What can I say?
The looks on your face
The way you laugh when you have
spaghetti ALL over your face...
The way you pry Mommy's eyes open in the morning...
just to let her know you are awake
Yep, wacky's the word!

I can't ever seem to get enough of YOUR kisses
AND I love to kiss you all over
You are so soft and sweet.
I can't ever give enough kisses either

Full of Life
Everything you do is full of LIFE
You are never dull and everyone around you
feels your energy when you 
are around

You like to lay with Ally in the morning
helping her wake up...
You lay your head on her
and laugh with her under the covers
You give hugs, you kiss
You even give massages and pat backs

You bring so much
sunshine to our lives
You love to play dress up or 
princess.  And rock your babies to sleep.
You carry babies around all day.
And you love kitties.
You meow so well that I 
have thought you were a real kitty before.

You are always thinking
And observing what goes on
and taking it all in.
You don't miss anything
And you always think of others
way beyond your years

You like to eat apples, even the core
And then you give Mommy a funny look
 like, why didn't that taste good?
Sometimes you refuse to say words because 
you don't think you can say them.
But you are starting to have fun repeating words
especially for your sister.

You like to explore
You love the kitties
And you LOVE to eat dirt.
You usually end up covered in dirt at the end of
the day.  And then you cry because you want to 
wash it off

Most PERFECT little gal ever
Yep, you are perfect in 
Shape and form.

 Little Miracle 

My Girl, My sweetie, My Baby.

WHITNEY, Mommy will always love you.
Remember that.


Bec@littlelucylu said...

So sweet!!!
She looks like a little character :)~
Hope you're having a great Monday!
Bec :-)

Danielle said...

What a little cutie! Such a sweet post! xoxo

Kaeley said...

What a DOLL!!!

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