Friday, October 12, 2012

{Maybe I'm a Moderate}

{Disclaimer:  No, I am not becoming a political blogger...if you knew me, you would laugh.  I really don't know much about politics, but these are just some thoughts I've had after hearing all of this recent political talk.}

Am I the only one who...

...believes that both sides are wrong and both sides are right, all at the same time?

...believes that women should be totally free, independent, and able to think on their own, but not totally dominate or hate the men?

...believes that we should try our best to stay away from war, but that we should fight for our country if the need arises?

...believes that values are extremely important in this country but that they shouldn't be forced on anyone?

...believes that you can't always make blanket statements and that right and wrong are not necessarily always on one side or the other?

...believes that there's good and bad on both sides?

...believes that no one is going to balance the budget until they work together?

...believes that we should be kind to the poor even if we aren't Democrat?

...believes that we should be fair to the rich even if we aren't Republican?

...believes that fighting isn't going to fix anything, and taking sides isn't always right?

...believes that marriage is between a man and a woman, but that gays should be treated with love and respect by all.

...believes that logging the forests is ok, as long as we don't get rid of the forests?

...believes that going green is great, as long as the owl doesn't become more important than the people around us?

...believes that we are often fighting the wrong battles and taking sides makes us miss the real issues at stake?

...believes that we really don't know the full scoop on vaccinations and maybe there's a lot that both sides aren't telling us?

...believes that being healthy is important but sometimes its ok to have a cookie or an ice cream cone?

...believes that our opinions are formed because of where we came from and that if we came from somewhere else, we might understand why the other person thinks the way they do?

...believes that our safety isn't always as important as our freedoms?

...believes that when Jesus was on this earth He didn't ever take sides, He just cared about people?

...believes that there are three sides, Democrat, Republican, and um...God's side?

Anyone else ever find yourself right in the middle? 

Not torn between the two sides sitting on the fence, but finding yourself on a totally different path altogether?

I sure do.

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