Wednesday, October 17, 2012


I figure I have a little explaining to do.

I know I started the Trendy Tuesday party awhile ago, and for awhile, that's the only thing I have been doing on my blog. 

And then my hubby asked me why I never had personal posts with posts about our families on the blog. 

And I've been thinking.  Why don't I? 

So...for right now, I have been doing mostly personal photo posts, what I like to do best.  And for right now the party is at rest. 

I may bring it back sometime, but I figured why spend all of that time on the party when it was so hard to get people to come.  I spent A LOT of time inviting people and I just didn't want to spend all of my time that way.

I just really wanted to bring a personal touch to my blog and have it be a way to document family memories.

And soon there will be a lot of fun projects that I will be sharing with you.  I have some fun Christmas projects planned in the next few months.

So that's where I am right now.  Hope you will still come and share my journey with me.

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