Monday, May 9, 2011

Work With Me Baby

I am FINALLY posting tip #4 in my series "How to Photograph your Baby".  So sorry it has taken so long. Life has been super CRAZY and busy lately...people tell me all of the time how things will get easier with two babies, but so far that hasn't kicked in!!  Seems like I'm always putting someone down for a nap or changing a diaper or something that keeps me from getting things done!!  Oh well.  They are cute and that's all that matters, right?  RIGHT!!  At least that is what I'm telling myself.

But I am getting FAR away from my post subject, so back to tip #4 I go!  It's called Work with me Baby, a foolproof way to make your baby smile every time!  (Please, I'll let you play with my keys)  Wow, that sounds great doesn't it?  Here's how it works.  (And yes, it DOES involve keys.)

Use all of the other tips that I have taught you about so far.  Get your camera ready, put it on the settings you want, GET CLOSE, put the baby in the gorgeous NATURAL light, and then....Get yourself an audience!!!  The audience can be friends or family, about three or four adults OR older children.  Right now, DON'T let your audience speak, they can only smile politely at your baby for now.  {wink}  After a short amount of time, the baby will start to fidget, wondering what's going on, and that is where the keys come in!

Hand the keys to baby, and let her/him play with them however she/he wants to.  Let baby drool, roll, whatever suits his fancy, and the audience must remain silent during this whole period.  (FUN huh?)  As the author of the book says, sooner or later baby will throw the keys.  As soon as baby does this, your audience will make a big to do and laugh and clap as if baby is a celebrity!!  (MY babies ARE celebrities, how about yours?)  DOUBLE wink!  Perfect.  Baby got just what he wanted. 

Ok, now give baby the keys again, but next time he/she throws them, adults will remain silent.  And the next time too.  Now baby is very frustrated, wondering where his "moment" went, so baby tries again.  The third time baby throws the keys be sure that the audience claps and celebrates again, much to baby's delight.  The author says this method works really well for getting AWESOME pictures of baby.  You can repeat the pattern as many times as you want. (Until baby becomes entirely bored.  But by then, you've got your pictures!  Beautiful pictures!) 

Now I will have to admit I haven't actually tried this one yet.  It's a LITTLE harder to get a group of adults together to help than it is to take pictures when I am just with my babies.  I want to try it sometime though.  And you should too!!

Baby smiles are the CUTEST things EVER!!!  And nothing is cuter than a baby smiling at MY camera. 

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