Monday, May 23, 2011

New Name and domain

I am SO excited!!  Suite Dreems has been changed to Sweet Little Gals with the new domain name which means that now I have my own website!!  Now this little bloggy space is OWNED by ME!!!  There's going to be A LOT of fun stuff going on here in the next few weeks, so stay tuned.  Suite Dreems will be getting a makeover!  Please be patient as it may take a few weeks to get everything in order. 

I have been MIA lately as my mom was able to come here for a visit!  It was SO much fun watching her enjoy the babies.  I think they all had a blast enjoying each other's company.  The visit ended in tears OF COURSE as mom had to leave, but we all assured each other that we will see each other SOON in MT.  (That's where she lives, and where I grew up, my lovely beautiful home!)  Now we're just trying to figure out how we got by without her before she came!  lol  So much to do with all of these whining babies!  Luckily I got a moment to sit down and write while these babies are sleeping.  :)  Better hurry and get something done before they wake up!

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