Friday, January 25, 2013

See You On the Other Side {Dan & Aimee}

This post is a tribute to some very beautiful people that our family just lost last night.  Dave's cousin and his wife died tragically in a car accident, leaving behind their very adorable two and a half year old girl.

We are still in shock.  I can't believe they are gone.  It just doesn't seem real.  What a huge loss.  We just saw them at Christmas time and were looking forward to many more fun times together.

Dan and Aimee, you will forever be sorely missed by all of us and everyone who knew you.

Dan:  I remember the first time I met you.  I didn't know what to think of were so outspoken and crazy that I have to admit I was a bit scared of you at first.  But as I got to know you better, I realized that behind all of that crazy personality, I saw a tender heart that cared more about people than you liked to admit.  You were full of life and personality, and you always spoke your opinion, even if it didn't make you popular.  You didn't care what people thought of you.  You just wanted to live life with all you had, and you did.  Thank you for all of the fun times we spent with you.  I'm so glad we got to see you at Christmas.  Little did we know that would be the last time.  We will always miss the fun times we could have had with you.  There never seems to be enough time with those you love.

Aimee:  You were always kind and sweet, and fun to spend time with.  I was so happy when you had Lillian so we could enjoy raising our girls at the same time.  We had lots of fun times during Christmas in Kansas playing games and talking about mom stuff.  I don't think I ever saw you angry or upset.  You were always one of the most gentle and patient people I've known.  I can't believe you are already gone.  We will miss you more than words can say.  I am looking forward to Heaven where I will be able to sit down with you again and chat. 

Both of you:  I hate to say goodbye, goodbyes are really never good...but I am looking forward to seeing you on the other side.  Then we won't ever have to worry about saying goodbye again.  RIP until then.  We love you both and will always miss you more than words can say.

Lillian:  Precious sweet little girl.  I am so sorry you lost your Mommy and Daddy so soon, WAY too soon.  Please always remember that they loved you more than anything.  You will see them again soon, when Jesus comes.

Until then, Dan and Aimee, we love you and can't wait to see you again.  Please let it be VERY soon.


Jane @ urbanejane. said...

So sorry about your family's loss. You and your family are in my thoughts & prayers...

Brenda @ Chatting Over Chocolate said...

My heart grieves for you and your entire family at this time of loss, Sara. This was a beautiful tribute. I will be praying for you all during this difficult time. Praying that God will bless you all with His peace that passes all understanding. <3

- Brenda

ThreeDawgLady said...

Sending heartfelt prayers to you and your family....Blessings and Peace to each of you.

Bec@littlelucylu said...

Okay, well I'm crying now and I don't even know them! Not so much for them - as they are in a better place and together -- but for that little girl. I cannot even begin to fathom. I hope she has a LOT of close family to support and love her through this. What a tragic thing to have happen.
Hugs to all of you, Sara!

sdavis said...

so sorry for your family's loss. prayers said for all of your family.

Susan said...

Oh so sorry to hear about your loss. Such a sweet looking couple! Sending hugs to you, your family, and the darling little girl who was left behind.

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