Friday, August 10, 2012

{A Beautiful Day}

 Remember I told you I would be back with more pics? 

I took these pictures when we were on our way to Montana and stopped off for the night in Medora to spend the night. {I know, I haven't been posting totally in order but I had to share these ones since they turned out so fun.}

Medora is a fun little tourist town we go to every summer for a musical and other fun country activities.  This time we stopped there just for the night to camp.

We camped in a fun little campground called Sully Creek Park.  The fun part was that we were one of the two campers that were there that night.  Ha!!  SO much fun to be in the middle of nowhere and have the campground pretty much to ourselves.

Ally and Whitney had a blast running around and dancing and playing with their toys out in the middle of no where.  Mind you, we LIVE in the middle of no where but it's still fun to go somewhere different for a change.

AND we were on our way to Montana so it was even more fun!!

Here is the mountain/bluff we camped under.

Beautiful clouds we saw on the drive
The girls dancing away together!

Ah, I almost tipped over!

Sisterly love

So photogenic

Crazy lady!

Lovely little toes

Having fun


Here favorite thing to in the dirt!

Fun hello kitty toys that entertained them the whole trip!


Tiny toes on the red dirt

What fun!

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Danni@SiloHillFarm said...

What a lovely place and such beautiful girls! Great photography as well!

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