Sunday, August 12, 2012

{10} Questions

Back with another one of those questions for you posts!!  

Hope I can get some answers from you smart people!  Thanks in advance.

1)  Where in the world do you find "junk, thrift, antique" shops that sell cheap furniture/crates/fun stuff where you aren't paying hundreds of dollars for them?  I see lots of you saying you got a dresser or trunk at a local shop, etc. for $20 and can't figure out why I can't find such places.  Are there any junking stores online?  Because our shops around here sell furniture for at least  four hundred or more dollars.  Any help on this subject would be MUCH appreciated!

2)  Anyone have a system for buying your kids' clothes/shoes etc. for the year, such as how many of each you would need and unique places to buy them from? Just looking for some ideas.

3)  Anyone have a system for organizing kids toys that works really well for you?

4)  Have any fun ways to organize photos or schedules to print them out that work for you?  

5)  What kind of command strips do I use to hang VERY heavy objects?

6)  Any fun Christmas basket ideas that are cheap to make?

7)  Any interesting recipes for a fun party trail mix?

8)  What programs do you use to make subway art and fun lists and the like?  Do I just use the computer word programs or does it have to be another special program?

9)  What kinds of projects are the most fun to see on other blogs?  What's the hottest project to make right now? ;)

10)  What blog subjects or posts interest you the most? 

Hope your day is wonderful friends!


Brooke @ Silver Lining said...

You're so great to get an early head start on Christmas! I haven't even thought past the end of the summer haha.

I always put more weight on the command hooks than they say is ok, and I've never had anything fall off yet.

Unknown said...

1. Do you have any consignment stores? Craig's list?

3. Plastic bins worked well for mine when they were younger.

4. I need help too!

6. Candles and chocolates can be relatively inexpensive for baskets.

9. I have many varied interests.

Enjoy the rest of your weekend!

Jennifer said...

I do better at garage sales than thrift stores. We don't really have any around.

I did a cheap basket once using coffee things from Home Goods. I received a baking basket once that I loved. It had 3 or 4 cake mixes, decorating sugars, icing, food markers, etc.

Kristen said...

Cheap furniture. I would look at Craigs list. If you live in a urban area, there should be lots of fun things to choose from.

Cheap christmas gifts. ( for kids). Look in the " Childrens gifts" section of my blog:)

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