Thursday, May 3, 2012

Specially for Kids #2 {Girly Photos}

Welcome back to Specially for Kids!!

I'm always so happy to have you here to visit.

I'm sorry I was MIA last week...I even had a post planned but life just got in the way
and I just couldn't get to posting.  {I'm sure no one knows how that goes?!!}

If you missed my first Specially for Kids, you gotta check out the fun Crayon Canvas we made.  It was a blast!

This week has been GORGEOUS here in ND and I got my camera out again finally!

I put it away for such a long time.  I've missed it.

I have a ton of fun photos to share of my girls {surprise, surprise!}
I hope you enjoy them.

I am a portrait photographer at heart, and so I am always trying to capture someone in my lens.
Since my girls are the ones around to capture they end up being in MOST of my pictures!

{Someday I promise I will actually appear in a picture or two.  I desperately NEED some new ones of me. Ha}

I hope you don't mind.  hehe

Thank you for letting me share!!  

And thanks for joining me for 

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