Friday, May 4, 2012

Guest Posting {available}

I've been thinking...for quite some time now...and just have never got around to asking.

I think it's about time I have some guest posts here on Sweet Little Gals!! Ya think?

But before we get into all of that, I must admit a few things to you.

1)  I know NOTHING about guest posting, NOR do I have a button.  That is a button with a code that you can take over to your blog and say you are posting over here.

I know, pathetic.  But it's the truth.  I know how to make some kinds of buttons per say, just not the code that goes along with them. 

So unless one of you is awesome at doing those, I will have to do the guest posts without a button with a code until further notice.

I also don't even have a clue how I would "get" a guest post?  Do you send them over e-mail or do I give you a temporary password?  Have NO idea.

2)  The other thing is that I have to tell you that I cannot necessarily promise that I would be able to return the favor, which is the reason I haven't ever asked for guest posters before.

For one, I'm not that great at deadlines.

The other, LIFE is busy with the babies right now and I don't want to disappoint anyone saying that I will FOR sure take on a guest post if I am not FOR sure that I would be able to.

Hope this makes sense.


I would still like to offer up the opportunity for any of you to do a guest post HERE if you would like to.

I am interested in posts on photography, crafting, or cooking...just mostly a post filled with fun pictures and things!!  (tutorials are awesome)

If any of you are interested, please let me know and we can work from there.  

You can e-mail me at

Hope your Friday is spectacular!!


Janel from NellieBellie said...

Sara, you are too sweet!Here is a link to tell you how to make a button with grab code.

It's easy. Just copy her code and change her stuff to your stuff.
Just have guests email you their post in HTML form if they are a blogger. Then you can plug it into your blog.
I don't really have time to guest post but I sure would like to! Maybe later this summer.

Stephanie said...

Hey Sara--
I would love to do a guest post for you...but it would have to be at least a month out as I'm super busy right now.

As far as making code for a blog button, it's super easy. Here is a good post about it:
(I'd be happy to help if you get stuck)

For actually getting the post up, I have always just written my post in blogger like normal and then switched it to HTML when I was done. Then I copy and paste that whole code into an email and the recipient puts all that HTML into their post for the day. Then switch it back to compose to make sure everything looks right.

Stephanie said...

Looks like Janel and I had some of the same thoughts :)

Desire Empire said...

I just did my first guest post this week and it was fantastic for both of us. Gave me a day off and my guest got lots of new followers. I didn't have a button we just linked to each other.

My big tip is to get your guest poster to send the copy over in HTML that way you can easily resize shots and make any changes such as adding an introduction to your guests post.

I would love to guest post for you. Perhaps a home tour of my Australian Beach House.


Lauren said...

I would LOVE to guest post for you! And I can help you with your button woes too! :) I have never guest posted with anyone before but I'm in the process of doing so and I'm learning as I go. I think I would have to write an introduction for you and then email you the HTML of that blog post so you could just insert it into your post.

Here are some of the tutorials that I have posted that I think would make good guest posts. Let me know what you think!

Unknown said...

I would love to do a guest post as well. I'm also kind of in a busy moment of life, but if it is scheduled out a ways, I could come up with something.

I have no problem if you're not able to come guest with me. That would be awesome, but absolutely not expected. =)

It looks like everyone else already filled you in on some good information, so I won't repeat them. You can check out my blog at (forgive my slow period right now) and let me know what you think!

Marty Walden said...

I have guest posted before and would love to help you out. I have posts about my scrapbook room, my gallery wall, homeschooling, adoption, faith, you name it. Enjoying visiting your blog.


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