Thursday, February 23, 2012

{Bright Inspiration}

Today is a cloudy, overcast, snowy, {beautiful}, but very GRAY day here in North Dakota.  I don't know about YOU, but when it's gray outside for a long time, I start to feel a little down in the dumps.

So I thought I'd share some very BRIGHT inspiration to help lift everyone's spirits.

Looking at bright things makes me think of spring and I just CAN'T WAIT till spring comes.

Here's some absolutely GORGEOUS {bright} stuff I have been running into lately in bloggy land.

Have any of you seen The Tomcat Studio before?  What a FUN place to hang out.   I could handle having this place right in my backyard.  Seriously.

They do parties...some of the CUTEST ones I've ever seen.  This is an example of what's over about crazy fun!

 Speaking of which, their photographer is my very favorite photographer I have EVER seen.  You gotta check out Laura Winslow Photography.  She's got the most rockin' pictures ever!!

The famous Tatertots and Jello just came out with the most DARLING spring subway art.  Check this out!

And she also recently had the most adorable sweet sixteen party for her daughter.  I fell in LOVE with the decorations for this party. {I would love to have a little nook like this someday by the way...}

This cake from Party Cupcake Ideas is one of the most spectacular I have seen for awhile.  
Just look at all of those bright colors!!  Love it!

Can't get over how ingenious this dollhouse is {at Nice Girl Notes}.  
And made from dresser drawers!! What little girl wouldn't be elated to play with this?  
I love the creativity.  You can find the tutorial here

And this bright mantel from Landee See, Landee Do is pretty enough to cheer anyone up!  So cute.

A Glimpse Inside made the most beautiful bright frame wreath.  And even though she posted it this past summer, I am thinking this is just awesome for ANY season, right?  I think I'm
gonna be making one of these for MY house soon...

Anything bright in YOUR house right now?  I would LOVE to see it.  
Make sure you let me know and I'll hop right over and check it out!

{I'm making some really bright right now, that I'm 
SUPER excited to share with you, shhh, I'm not quite done with it yet!! }

Hope YOUR day is bright and happy!
Thanks for stopping by.


Katie said...

Thanks for sharing all of these bright colors to get us ready for Spring! I love that nook that Tatertots and Jello decorated, its so perfect for a Sweet 16 Party!

aimymichelle said...

i love those bright colors

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