Thursday, September 15, 2011

CUTEness Times Ten

Wait till you see these pictures I found...I just LOVE little critters like these! Doesn't it just make you wanna hug 'em?

I think I might just ride here ALL day long!

What?  You think I look silly with this hairdo?

Swingin' is so much fun!

Are you SURE this makes me look nerdy?

Ahhh, this feels like heaven!!

Have the happiest Thursday ever!!

(If you want to pin these adorable creatures,
you can go here)


Unknown said...

How exiting, doesn't your mom speak any finnish!? Have you ever been here, you should come to visit and explore where your roots are, right:)
Now our first finnish lesson moi moi means bye bye end when you say it only once moi it is like hello when you see somebody.
Moi moi

Unknown said...

Love the Dog? Where did you ever get the pics?

Anonymous said...

Awwww . . .

laura said...

I got your comment on my blog....I am just now starting this whole blogging thing and would love some suggestions. What is the photo swap? Can you give me more info.

Anonymous said...

I must have a monkey... this post just confirmed it. This is probably the cutest post I have seen ever... ever.

Kim-A Creative Spirit said...

I added a link to the Turgoise party and now I am following. Love your blog and LOVE the Turqoise one too!!! Would love a follow back. :o)

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