Friday, August 20, 2010

So we are a LITTLE disappointed...
yesterday we went for 
our ultrasound, and they are not for sure 
what we are having...:(  
They said they would guess a girl 
but it wasn't for positive...
We will love baby whether it is 
a BOY or a GIRL
DON'T get me wrong...
But we feel the same as
BEFORE the ultra sound
On a better note, the baby was moving 
A LOT and they said it looks healthy!!!  
We went for pizza after to celebrate.  ;)  
How many of you have had surprises 
when you actually had your baby? 

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lilly ruth said...

Sara, we didn't know what our second child would be before he was born, by choice. It was very exciting at the moment he was born! I suggest waiting, although it is VERY HARD! :) Glad the baby was kicking and moving around, that is the best news!

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