Friday, January 6, 2012

Never Left Behind

One of my New Year's resolutions is to share more about myself with all of you this year.  I tend to hide behind my blog and not really let anyone know who the girl behind the blog is.  So throughout the year I want to share things about me and my family that you may not know about us.  Hopefully that is a good thing!

And I am going to start today by sharing some of my thoughts on New Year's resolutions.

So it's the start of a brand new year and I'm already feeling left behind.  As always, I ended this year with a whole TON of resolutions that I was going to start come 12:00 am New Year's Day.  And this year more than any other, I have wanted SO badly to do A LOT of things differently and better than I did this past year.
Now there's absolutely nothing wrong with that resolution.  Except for that I already am not getting as much done as I was hoping I would.

No, I'm not saying I've already given up on my resolutions AT ALL.  But why oh why when things don't work out the exact way I was hoping and planning they would, do I get discouraged and think I missed the boat altogether??  Any of you struggle with that feeling?

I am thinking I need to remember that I am human and can't do everything perfect all of the time.

I always feel behind the rest of the world for some reason.  Maybe I AM behind.  Ha!  I think sometimes I forget that time is time and no time is better than any other time to start fresh.  {Did you catch that?}  Here I am only six days into the New Year feeling behind when really I have all year to still get my things done.

{Really, why am I getting all worked up about it already?!  It IS only January 6th after all...}

So here I am at the start of a new day, hoping that I will get more done than I did yesterday.  And I guess that's all I can hope for, right?  To do better than I did yesterday at reaching my goals.  I think I just get discouraged too quickly don't ya think?  I think I am too much of a perfectionist sometimes, thinking that if I don't do it perfectly, I can't do it at all.

I need to remember this...

One of my HUGE New Year's resolutions is to get my house organized.  And in the process of that to get rid of a whole BUNCH of stuff!  Easier said than done, but Dave and I worked for about four hours the other day throwing and de-junking the basement so we are at least started now!!

And I really want to spend less money on frivolous stuff and spend more on significant stuff that can actually help me with my organizing goal.  BIG resolution since I am the world's most dedicated shopper.

Seeing I have had these goals for some time before the start of the year I was somewhat shocked (though not really, since we seem to think a lot alike in most situations) to see my thoughts written in another blog post written by BFF Bec at Little Lucy Lu.

I just LOVE her post about living simply and I really want to move in that direction during this new year.
Easier said than done. But seeing this quote makes me want to more than ever. 

I need to change my focus and instead of thinking about what I haven't gotten done, 
I need to think about what I have gotten done.

I need to remember that MY plans are not necessarily God's plans for me...

And that when I get overwhelmed God doesn't...

My biggest and most important resolution for the year should be
to walk closer to God than I ever have before.  And that in itself shifts the focus to where
it should be, on God and not me.

I am NOT even close to perfect (I think we have made that one clear) one else is perfect either.  And I forget that
sometimes...A LOT actually!

And I must never give up on my goals, because 
having goals is healthy even if I don't fulfill each of them
the way I wanted to.

So here's to an awesome New Year filled with God-filled goals and
a resolution to take each day one at a time, doing what God wants me to do
and leaving the chaos for HIM to deal with...

God NEVER ever leaves us fact, 
He is the one that stays behind and picks up ALL 
of the pieces we have dropped along the way.

Happy New Year and hope you remember to take God with you as you accomplish all of your goals.

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jessica said...

girl i totally feel ya about the resolutions. i usually only end up doing half of them and actually sticking to a few and making them a habit. that's why this year i made ones that i knew i could accomplish and wouldn't be totally let down if i didnt accomplish them.

as for the first weekend in jaunary..i accomplshed a couple over the weekend like "wear heels" and "go to church" but as far as the "shop less, save more" not so much. lol. but hey you're right i got all year to accomplish them, even if i only end up doing them a couple of times.

stop by my blog sometime.

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