Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Burlap Lovin'

I am totally, completely, entirely, extremely in LOVE with stuff made of burlap.  Can't believe the fun things you can make with it.  I know, I'm kinda late, as always, at catching on to the trends, but better late than never right?

I've been having a total blast ordering burlap (if you don't already know this, I am an ordering junkie, the UPS and Fed Ex men are always on their way to my place!), and so far I've been making fun burlap flowers, ribbons, wreaths, and lots of other fun stuff.  Someday I may actually post some of my burlap projects.  Ha! 

And did you know that burlap comes in all sorts of fun colors?  The only thing I am missing is some turquoise burlap.  I am thinking about learning how to paint it. 

So today I want to share some fun burlap inspiration that I found on pinterest.  You can see my burlap board right here.

LOVE the limes in the water!

Gorgeous burlap flowers

I think I will do this next summer

Really love burlap with writing on it!

Cutest burlap pumpkins ever!

Love the tie!

Burlap gift elegant

Lovin' the buckets

Beautiful burlap curtains!

Gorgeous burlap bows!

My favorite!!  This would be my wedding reception if I could do it over again!

Stay tuned, one of these days I will be posting my very OWN burlap projects!
Had any fun with burlap lately?

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Bec@littlelucylu said...

Haha ... laughed out loud at that last one! Yep, that would DEFINITELY be your wedding reception! :)~
Definitely love me some burlap! And yes, paint it! Spray paint = super easy -- just painted some over the weekend, myself! :-)

The Farmer's Wife said...

I love burlap too!!! The texture is awesome. I love the burlap pumpkins!!! I just made a project with burlap. You can check it out here

Our DIY Diaries said...

How dare they not make it in turquoise! Best color ever. Paint it for sure! There are so many fun ideas here. Maybe I should hop on the burlap bandwagon.


Dawna said...

Ohhh these ideas are the best!! Love the first one with the daffodils and the limes, how pretty! I really like the last picture with the pretty table ! Thanks for sharing.

Lori said...

That's some fabulous burlap inspiration - such gorgeous projects!

Anonymous said...

love those flowers!

The Path Traveled said...

I love the Burlap gift wrapping and the curtains. What great ideas. Hope you will come follow my blogs as well. Have a blessed day.

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