Sunday, March 20, 2011

What a beauty

I couldn't be more excited about my new Easy Walker Stroller


 Definitely EASY

Has a hefty bar for safety

And COOL canopies

Big wheels

 And is just the best color in the world

A crisp bright turquoise

Someone else likes this stroller too...

It's fun to look through the mommy spy window


And sit in the comfy seat

 Look under the canopy

Don't I look cute surrounded by turquoise?

 I look cute too!


Oh and did I mention it's DOUBLE


 We LOVE our new EASY walker stroller

YOU should get one too!!


BarbaraJo said...

I must admit...I am addicted to buying strollers. I LOVE them and all the fancy gadgets. I have four!! I know...overkill. How fun!
Looks like we have a lot in common. What does your hubs farm? We are getting ready for a new crop this month. Planting season! Cute blog.

Sara said...

Oh that's funny!! I love strollers too! I just got this one and it is SO cool. M hubby farms soybeans, wheat, and corn. It seems like a lot of corn lately...We will be starting our planting next month! It is still freezing cold here! Thanks for leaving a comment. I love to meet news peeps!

Bec@littlelucylu said...

Thanks for your reply on BlogFrog ... it's not letting me reply there, so I just thought I'd come here! :-)
But yes, I do have horses ... been riding since I was 8 years old! And I totally understand the non-understanding husband! Mine grew up on a huge farm, too ... and has absolutely NO interest in horses! Unfortunately for him, when he married me, horses were part of the deal! ;)~

Good luck to you on your horse quest!
I'm following you here!
Thanks again!

Sara said...

I told my hubby that too...but he seems to have forgotten ;) Lucky for me, my oldest girl is now loving horses too!

Liisi said...

I love this stroller! The funny thing is our tent would match it, as would my wedding colors from our wedding 5 years ago. I love turquoise!

Sara said...

Oh that's awesome Elizabeth!! I know, I was thinking I would have turquoise for my wedding color if I had it to do over again!! I have all sorts of stuff that's turquoise in my house!

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